Empire of Lifréia

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Empire of Lifréia
'Империя Лифрэя' (Russian)
Motto: Съ нами Лифрэ!
Lifre is With Us!
Anthem: "Rule Lifre"
Location of the Empire of Lifréia, on the island of Wolin.
Official languagesEnglish, Portuguese and Russian
Ethnic groups (2017)Caucasian
Religion (2021)80.0% Roman Catholic
20% Atheist
GovernmentParliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy (de jure)
Autocratic absolute monarchy (de facto)
• Kanfre
Ivan VII
LegislatureState Duma
Independence from the Republic of Poland
08 May 2015
• Total
265 km2 (102 sq mi)
• 2019 estimate
HDI (2019)Increase 0.874
very high · 11th
CurrencyLifreian Ruble () (LRB)
Time zoneBRT (UTC−3)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theright
Calling code+55
Patron saintCzar-Martyr Nicolas II, The Passion-Bearer
Internet TLD.lf
  1. Location: Wolin, Republic of Poland

The Empire of Lifréia is a semi-constitutional monarchy located in the island of Wolin, in the northern coast of the Republic of Poland, on the Baltic Sea, founded by the Kanfre Ivan VII on 08 May 2015. It is inspired by the Russian Empire during the reigns of Alexander II and Nicholas II. It is a micronational project operating as a political simulation.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The name "Lifréia" is Latin for "Land of Lifre". Lifre was a mythological being of Lifreian mythology, often called the "Dark Star of The Morning". Legend has that he killed his brother in a feud over his first cousin, a maiden desired by both brothers. Lifre won, but his soul was shattered, for he killed of his own kin.
The kinslayer deity is especially popular with folk singers within the Empire. The first known usage of the "Lifréia" name was in a parodic screenplay written by Ivan VII, a satire of the "eurospy" genre popular during the 1960's.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Constituent Oblasts of the Empire of Lifréia
Flag State Initials Capital Citizens Area Official Languages Head of State
YG Yargopol
88,3 km²
English, Russian, Portuguese President of the Oblast
OG Ograin
88,3 km²
English, Russian, Portuguese President of the Oblast
Autonomous Oblast
HL Lamburgrad
88,3 km²
English, Russian, Portuguese President of the Oblast
An electronic billboard in Lamburgrad

Foreign Policy[edit | edit source]

The Empire also recognizes the other members of the Conference of Santiago, since the signing of the Treaty of Persenburg.

National Colors and Symbols[edit | edit source]

National holidays[edit | edit source]

Date English name Notes Local name
06 January Feast of the Epiphany Catholic observance, feast day and commemoration of the of the Adoration of the Magi, with subordinate commemorations of the Baptism of Jesus and the Wedding at Canaan. праздник Богоявления
19 March Saint Joseph's Day Catholic observance, feast day of Saint Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary and legal father of Jesus Christ. день святого Иосифа
25 March Feast of the Annunciation Catholic observance commemorating the visit of the archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary. праздник Благовещения
28 March - 03 April Holy Week Catholic observance. Страстной недели
46 days before Easter Sunday Ash Wednesday Catholic observance. Пепельная среда
The Sunday before Easter Sunday Palm Sunday Catholic observance. Commemoration of Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem. вербное воскресенье
Between 22 March and 25 April Easter Sunday Catholic observance. Commemoration of Christ's resurrection. Па́сха воскресенье
12 April Cosmonautics Day Commemoration of the first crewed space flight made on 12 April 1961. День Космона́втики
08 May Empire Day Commemoration of the Empire's foundation on 08 May 2015. День Империи
07 July The Kanfre's Birthday Celebration of the current Kanfre's Birthday. День рождения Канфри
17 July Feast of Saint Nicholas II of Russia, The Passion-Bearer Feast day of Saint Nicholas II of Russia. День Святого Николая II
11 November Armistice Day Day in remembrance of the dead of the Great War. День перемирия
24 December Christmas Eve Eve of the commemoration of the birth of Christ. канун Рождества
31 December New Year's Eve Celebrates the closing of the Gregorian New Year. St. Sylvester's Day. Канун Нового года

References and Notes[edit | edit source]

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