Filipe Machado

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
His Majesty
Filipe Al Fradiq
the Emir of Takia
"Emir Filipe of Takia", circa 2015.
Emir of Takia
05 April 2016 office
01 January 2016 - present
Mir José Abdallah
Sahib Claudia Catherine
Pasha Franklin Al Fradiq
Predecessor Title created
Successor incumbent
Crown Prince of Badakistan
20 September 2015 - 08 December 2015
Predecessor Title created
Successor Throne disestablished
Grand Vizier of Badakistan
20 September 2015 - 08 December 2015
Predecessor Dariush Beg
Successor Office disestablished
Minister-President of Bessabia
29 August 2015 - 07 October 2015
Predecessor Office created
Successor Office disestablished
Personal information
Born 11 February 1988
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Citizenship Badakistani
Emirate of Takia
Residence Palace of Lotus
Religion Muslim

Filipe Machado Al Fradiq also known as Ahmed Barakzi among micronationalist from Brazil, is the Emir of Takia and was the Crown Prince of Badakistan in 2015, when he also became Grand Vizier of the Empire. He also was Minister-President of Bessabia until its dissolution on 07 October 2015 and it is a trusted person of the Oscar I, being responsible for the affairs of Ruthenia with micronationalists from Brazil.

Life and Micronationalism[edit | edit source]

Seal of His Majesty, the Emir of Takia.

Filipe Machado was born on 11 February 1988, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, younger son of José Abdallah and Cláudia Catherine. He have two older brothers, Franklin and Flávia Al Fradiq. He attend UNIGRANRIO, graduating in 2012, with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting Sciences and post-graduated in 2014. He is a Muslim and always developed a great interest for Politics, being introduced to micronationalism in late 2013 through the citizenship request to Badakistan.

Their blameless deportment and interest led him to prestigious positions in Badakistan, during the reign of Jaffar Shah, the first Emperor of Badakhshan. After political differences over government administration, Filipe Machado left the micronation and founded the State of Bessabia with the support of King Oscar of Ruthenia. The situation would change when Jaffar Shah named the King of the Ruthenians as his successor.

Machado, as a close friend of Oscar of Ruthenia and knowledgeable of the affairs of Badakistan, was soon returned to the Head of Government by the new Emperor. On that occasion, he promoted the revision of the Constitution and an absolute government reform, being named Crown Prince in the same period. On 19 November 2015, during the celebration events of the first anniversary of the Kingdom of Ruthenia, it was nominated as one of the first seven "Aide-de-Camp of His Majesty."

After the events that led to the end of the Badakistani Monarchy, he became a citizen of the United Provinces of Mauricia and assumes no political role until the restauration of the Emirate of Takia in 2016. He kept his Karno-Ruthenian citizenship.

Titles, styles and honours[edit | edit source]

Monarchical styles of
Emir Filipe of Takia
Reference styleHis Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleSire

Titles and styles[edit | edit source]

  • 2013 - 28 August 2015: His Excellency, Ahmed Barakzi, Grand Vizier of Badakhshan and Prince of Takia
  • 29 August 2015 - 07 October 2015: His Excellency, Filipe Machado, Minister-President of Bessabia.
  • 08 October 2015 - 08 December 2015: His Imperial Highness, Ahmed Barakzi, Grand Vizier of Badakhshan, Crown Prince of Badakhshan and Prince Barakzi.
  • 08 October 2015 - 01 January 2016: Mr. Filipe Al Fradick
  • 01 January 2016 - present: His Majesty, the Emir of Takia

Full style[edit | edit source]

His Majesty, the Emir of Takia, Sovereign of Kish, Mufti of Takia, Founder of Takia and Father of the Nation.

Honors[edit | edit source]

Imperial Order of Lotus Imperial Order of the Jasmine

Badakistani decorations[edit | edit source]

  • Holder of the Imperial Order of Lotus.
  • Holder of the Imperial Order of the Jasmine.

Military Command[edit | edit source]

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