Fourth Army

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Fourth Army

IV Army Colour
Motto:: Quantum Praedecessores
March Radetzky March
Established 10 March 2016
Country Karnia-Ruthenia
Engagements Lundener Civil War
Intervention in Scotia
Commander Archduke Anton of Karnia
Adjutant Commander none
General information
Headquarters Vídeň, Karnia

The Karno-Ruthenian Fourth Army is a Karno-Ruthenian permanent field army and was established in 10 March 2016 as part of the Karno-Ruthenian Army in Karnia after the creation of the Karno-Ruthenian Empire. The task of the Army since its foundation is to defend the Karnian Empire and its citizens.

History[edit | edit source]

The history behind the foundation of the Fourth Army begins with the signing of the Karno-Ruthenian Compromise of 2016 and the foundation of the Karno-Ruthenian Empire. Karnia didn't established its own military, so, the IV Army and its inspectorate was created in June 2016 to serve as a defensive force of the Empire in the event of conflict. On 01 July 2018, the Fourth Army was designated to intervene in the Principality of Scotia due the incompetence of the princely government.

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