Free Territory of Celyn

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Free Territory of Celyn
Flag Coat of arms
and largest city
Official languages Welsh
Demonym Celian

Celyn, officially the Free Territory of Celyn is a constitutional monarchy largely based on Welsh culture founded by the Ethan, Duke of Celyn on 23 May 2019, that joined Karnia-Ruthenia as a free territory after the signature of the Treaty of Woodland, on 28 May 2020.

After the illegal disestablishment of the micronation by its founder, that informed the Karno-Ruthenian authorities of its intentions without informing a date to act properly, the Emperor-King revoked the Treaty of Woodland[1] on the same day, 04 August 2020, and released the information with a public note[2] informing the dissolution was illegal, but formalized by Karno-Ruthenian authorities.

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