Gіlyerm Horovyi

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Gіlyerm Horovyi
Gіlyerm Horovyi, by Lucas Othonsen.
President of the National Council of Huzul
In office
31 December 2023 - present
Monarch Eugene József
Predecessor office established
Successor incumbent
Personal information
Born 17 February 2003 (2003-02-17) (age 21)
São Paulo, Brazil
Citizenship Huzul
Occupation Politician, student, manager
Religion Roman Catholicism

Gіlyerm Horovyi (born 17 February 2003) is Brazilian-born micronationalist that serves as President of the National Council of the State of Huzul. Although basically an honorary appointment considering the Huzul politics, he neverthless plays a major role within the nation.

He is considered one of Huzul's leading personalities for his contributions and support of the royal family in almost all levels of their lives. Staunchly Catholic, he accepted his political position after the talks among dynasts of the House of Götzö-Thomaz-Rocha about micronationalism an the subsequent agreement to create the State of Huzul and the election of Archduke Eugene József as King of Huzul, with Taslavian and Pannonian support.

Eventually, the creation of the state was declared through the Treaty of Lita, signed at the capital of the new kingdom, establishing the official date for its independence, titles of the monarch and his heirs and other measures, like the impossibility of Karnia-Ruthenia to annex Huzul - and his very appointment as head of executive power in Huzul, with the title of President of the National Council.

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