General Assembly of Ruthenia

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General Assembly

Assembleia Geral
Lower House

The General Assembly of Ruthenia is a legislative body that represents the lower house of the Legislative Power in the Kingdom of Ruthenia and consists of members elected by the people for a one-year term. Before the one-year term of office expires, the General Assembly can be dissolved by decree of the Sovereign King. The same decree sets new elections and the time for it to convene. The General Assembly possess equal rights of Council of State about legislative matters. Legislative proposals that are considered and approved in the General Assembly, are submitted to the Council of State. General Assembly are authorized to interpellate, according to procedures they have established, ministers and chief administrators of various departments under the legal jurisdiction of the Council of State, concerning actions taken by them or subordinate persons and agencies, which seem to be unlawful.

List of Presidents of General Assembly[edit | edit source]

# Picture Name Term start Term end Political Party
1 Nicholas, Duke of Bradamante December 18, 2014 December 20, 2014 none
First President of General Assembly. Acted as head of government before the union with Santa Cruz.
2 Peter II, Duke Palatine of Santa Cruz December 21, 2014 January 29, 2015 none
He became President of the General Assembly when united the nation of which he was King with Ruthenia. Accused of undermine the Ruthenia to favor Santa Cruz, was overthrown during the crisis between the Plebiscite of Language and the Scandinavian Affair.
3 Nicholas, Duke of Bradamante January 30, 2015 incumbent none
Took over the General Assembly for the second time after the deposition of the predecessor.

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