Great War of Segacia

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Great War of Segacia
Northernsegacia.png Southernsegacia.png
Date 2004-2005
Location Segacia.png Great Kingdom of Segacia northern and southern territories
Result  • Segacia's separation into Northern Segacia and Southern Segacia

link={{{2}}} Northern Segacia


link={{{2}}} Southern Segacia

Northern leaders

link={{{2}}} D. Guilherme I
link={{{2}}} Duke Giant Morto
link={{{2}}} Duke Bode Velho of Segacia

Southern leaders

link={{{2}}} Alexandro II and IV
link={{{2}}} Prime minister Pinypon

Northernsegacia.png ~15

Total: 15

link={{{2}}} ~23

Total: 23

Injuries and losses
6 11

The Great War of Segacia was a civil war in the Great Kingdom of Segacia, fought between the Northern Segacia and Southern Segacia. It began after a disagreement between D. Guilherme I and Alexandro II and IV about the laws and type of government for Segacia.

The Northern and Southern parts of Segacia.

Causes[edit | edit source]

The disagreement between the two monarchs began with the debate between the laws and the type of government to be established in the Great Kingdom of Segacia. D. Guilherme I voted for an Absolute Monarchy while Alexandro II and IV supported the Constitutional Monarchy. After weeks of no common agreement both brothers created the Northern and Southern versions of Segacia, each one with the ideas of both leaders.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After a 2 year war between the two brothers, the result was the official separation of Segacia in the Absolute Northern Segacia and the Constitutional Southern Segacia.

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