High Council of Roschfallen

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High Council
Alto Conselho
Council of Fools Logo2.png
Founded6 July 2016
Seats25 councillors
AuthorityRoschfallenian constitution, Chapter V
N/A; members nominated by the King
Meeting place
Botafogo Palace, Acquitane

The High Council (Portuguese: Alto Conselho) is the legislative branch of the government of the Kingdom of Roschfallen. It has 25 members, named by the King for a lifelong term.

The Council was officially inaugurated in July 2016, as mandated by Article V of the 2015 Roschfallenian Constitution. It has five active political parties, being the Conservative Party, Liberal Party, Progressive Party, Republican Party and Green Party.

The current Lord Speaker is Leonardo Tricano, who has held the post since March 2019 and the current Vice-Speaker is André Bernardo, who assumed the post along with the current Master.[1]

Last nomination[edit | edit source]

Party % +/– Seats +/–
Progressive Party 35.2 -4.8 9 –1
Liberal Party 33.7 +0.2 8 0
Conservative Party 18.4 +3.1 5 +1
Green Party 12.6 +1.5 3 0
Total 100 25 0
Source: Landstagwahlen

References[edit | edit source]

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