From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia

AuthorOscar I
IllustratorAcademy of Heraldry
Country Karnia-Ruthenia
PublisherImperial and Royal Government
Period2017 - present

The Hofkalender is a directory of Karnia-Ruthenia's nobility. First published in 2017 by His Imperial and Royal Majesty's Government in Persenburg at the court of Oscar I, Emperor of Karnia-Ruthenia, it came to be regarded as an authority in the classification of national aristocracy. It is published since 2017 and periodically updated.

In order to compile the data on the national aristocracy, the Emperor-King Oscar I created, on the night of 01 November 2017, the Hofkalender, also called “the Golden Book of Imperial Nobility“, a book of records with the letter patents of title of nobility that have already been granted, and those which will be in the future.

According to Imperial Decree n. 0117-2017 that created it, the initiative is, in addition to preserving history, is to distinguish citizens who hold legitimate titles and those who use titles improperly. It is provided in the decree that the Emperor can, when removing a title from the book, extinguish the same, since He is the fons honorum – fount of honour – of the Empire[1].

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