Honor Cross

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Medal for Military Valor
Awarded by the Occidian Empire
Type Medal
Eligibility Exceptional actions in peacetime
Awarded for Military service
Status Active
Established 15 July 2011
Next (higher) Service Medal
Next (lower) None

The Honor Cross (HC) is a military service medal of the Imperial Forces of Defense and, previously, of the North American and New European Armed Forces, that was first created in 2011 when it was signed into law by Emperor William I.

Heavily inspired by the German Iron Cross, had its design changed in April 2021, with the inscription "2020" added to the middle of the cross and the star and oak being removed from the ribbon bar.

Criteria[edit | edit source]

The Honor Cross, to those who have performed outstanding military service in peacetime, is authorized for those members of the Imperial Forces of Defense that show exceptional actions in peacetime.

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