House Law of the Karno-Ruthenian Imperial Family

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House Law of the Imperial Family
Kaiserlich Familienstatut
Created April 2021
Location Persenburg, Karnia-Ruthenia
Authors Emperor-King Oscar
Signers 16.png Dynasts of the Imperial Family
Purpose Statute to regulate inheritance, titles and succession within the House of Götzö-Thomaz-Rocha.

The House Law of the Imperial Family of Karnia-Ruthenia, at the example of many German families, were a collection of written customs and rules, enlarged over time. The dynasty tried early on to introduce absolute primogeniture and maintain the unity of their lands, extended this indivisibility to all future acquisitions and additions to their territories and also established some principles, one of which was the requirement of being a Roman Catholic to ascend to the thrones occupied by the family and prohibited further partitions within each line. The statute, first called a "family pact", was in discussions since December 2020, but were finally concluded on April 2021.

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