House Law of the Karno-Ruthenian Imperial Family

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
House Law of the Imperial Family
Kaiserlich Familienstatut
Created April 2021
Location Persenburg, Karnia-Ruthenia
Authors Emperor-King Oscar
Signers Dynasts of the Imperial Family
Purpose Statute to regulate inheritance, titles and succession within the House of Götzö-Thomaz-Rocha.

The House Law of the Imperial Family of Karnia-Ruthenia, at the example of many German families, were a collection of written customs and rules, enlarged over time. The dynasty tried early on to introduce absolute primogeniture and maintain the unity of their lands, extended this indivisibility to all future acquisitions and additions to their territories and also established some principles, one of which was the requirement of being a Roman Catholic to ascend to the thrones occupied by the family and prohibited further partitions within each line. The statute, first called a "family pact", was in discussions since December 2020, but were finally concluded on April 2021.

As the first document to regulate the legal relations between the members of the imperial house it comprises sixty-eight separate clauses in order that it may serve as an enduring guideline in our most serene imperial house. The Statute was divided up into seven parts regulating membership of the archducal house, maintenance of non-ruling family members, marriages and wills. As head of the family, the Emperor was responsible for supervising family business and had the authority to make decisions. Members of the family wishing to marry had to obtain the agreement of the head of the family, for example.

However, the Emperor could make exceptions to the rules under the examination of the case. Although the Statute did not regulate the matter of family members taking their leave of the imperial house, some dynasts during the family pact of 2021 renounced their rights of succession to the Throne, most especially because they were not willing to adhere to the strict regulations concerning choice of marital partners, but also due concerns over their personal wealth.

On 25 November 2021, an ammendment was decreed by Emperor Oscar I, recognizing retroactively the title and style of Their Imperial Majesties, Emperors of Karnia to his late paternal grandparents, Archduke Anton and Archduchess Judith, the title and style of Their Majesties, the Kings of Ruthenia to his late maternal grandparents, Count Michael von Goëtzën and Countess Theresa von Goëtzën and the title and style of Their Imperial and Royal Majesties, the Emperors of Karnia and Kings of Ruthenia to his parents, Archduke Ari and Archduchess Denise. Despite no real change, it was seen as a nod to the memory of his grandparents and a show of respect to his parents.

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