House of Brum

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House of Brum
House of Brum - Copia.png
CountryRoschfallen Flag.png Roschfallen
NewSchneeblutigFlag.png Schneeblutig
Ancestral houseHouse of Ignácio (male line)
House of Carvalho (female line)
TitlesKing of Roschfallen
Grand Duke of Roschfallen
Prince Imperial of Schneeblutig
Prince of Iriland
Prince of Roschfallen
Baron of Roches
Baron of Alagoa
Baron of Sealand
FounderWilhelm van der Bruyn
Current headHSH Armando, Baron of Roches
Founding15th century, Holy Roman Empire
EthnicityGerman, Portuguese, Roschfallenian

The House of Brum, or House of Roschfallen is a relevant royal houses of lusophone micronationalism. The throne of the Kingdom of Roschfallen was founded and is currently occupied by the family since 2014. The house also produced Portuguese barons, Schneeblutigan princes, as well as holders of several other minor titles. The Brum is also currently the apparent heirs to the Schneeblutigan throne. The house is also a cadet branch of the Dutch House of van der Bruyn and the Portuguese House of Terra. The currently head of the House of Brum is Armando, Baron of Roches and of Alagoa, father of King Arthur I of Roschfallen.

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House of Brum
Founding year: 15th century
Preceded by
Ruling House of Roschfallen
2014 - present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
House of Karvalho
Ruling House of Schneeblutig
2018 - present
Succeeded by