House of Celyn

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
House of Celyn
CountryKarnia-Ruthenia, Celyn, United Kingdom
TitlesKing of Celyn
Duke of Celyn
FounderHRH Duke Ethan I
Current headHRH Duke Ethan I
Founding21 April 2020 (as a royal house)
Deposition2020: Celyn dissolved.

The House of Celyn is a important ducal house of Karnia-Ruthenia and the most traditional family in Celyn. The leadership of Celyn was occupied by the family since 2019, when Ethan of Celyn founded the then Republic of Celyn, and exercising the office of head of state during the republican period, the socialist period and the royal period, marked by his ascension as King of Celyn. After the Treaty of Woodland, he renounced the Crown of Celyn, but was in turn made duke within the Karno-Ruthenian Nobility.

After the illegal disestablishment of the micronation, he informed the Karno-Ruthenian authorities of its intentions a month earlier, but without informing a date to the dissolution. The Emperor-King revoked the Treaty of Woodland[1] on the same day, 04 August 2020, and released the information with a public note[2] informing the dissolution was illegal, but formalized by Karno-Ruthenian authorities. His titles and positions were also revoked.

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