House of Freiburg

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
House of Freiburg
Country Karnia-Ruthenia
Republic of Genoa
Kingdom of Italy
TitlesDuke of Calvi
Baron von und zu Freiburg
FounderAnnibale Calvo
Current headH.Ill.H. ~

The House of Freiburg, is a noble family of dukes of Karnia-Ruthenia, and nobles of Italy. The family arose in proeminence in Karnia-Ruthenia around 2016, when they were nobilited by the Emperor-King of Karnia-Ruthenia on 2016 as barons and again in 2021, as dukes. However, the origins of the family dates back to XVI century, as part of the messinese nobility.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Noble messinese family since 1508, have its roots in the Republic of Genoa. A certain Annibale Calvo was judge of the Straticoziale court of Messina by 1572, judge of the court of the Consistory by 1583 and of the Great Court of the Kingdom three years later and being nobilited again by the noble master of Messina in 1597. One of his relatives, Thomas Calvo, was made Bishop of Tropea in 1593. Giuseppe Calvo, Francesco Calvo and Paolo Calvo, children of the late Annibale Calvo, and Bishop Thomas Calvo, were also nobilited in Messina between 1594 and 1605. In addition to nobility and clergy, Giovan Giacomo Calvo was a politician in Noto in 1632, while Mario Calvo was senator of Caltagirone in 1709 and Captain of Justice from 1717 and 1719; an Antonio Calvo was a banker made Governor of the Pecuniary Table of Messina in 1759, and was the father of Enrico and Giuseppe Calvo, nobilited in 1798 and 1807, respectively.

Titles in Karnia-Ruthenia[edit | edit source]

Members of the House were considered the direct descendants of the first duke, ~. The style used is "His/Her Illustrious Highness, Duke/Duchess X of ~", while the heir use the style of "His/Her Highness, Hereditary-Prince/Princess X of ~". Other members use the title and style of "His/Her Highness, Prince/Princess X of ~".

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