House of Imvrassia-Argadia

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House of Imvrassia-Argadia
House-of-Imvrassia-Argadia - CoA.png
CountryKingdom of Imvrassia
Karno-Ruthenian Empire
Ancestral houseHouse of Imvrassia
TitlesDuke of Argadia
Prince of Imvrassia
FounderHRH Aggelos, Duke of Argadia
Current headHRH Aggelos, Duke of Argadia

The House of Imvrassia-Argadia is a cadet branch of dukes and princes of Imvrassia, and Karnia-Ruthenia. The family arose in the area around from different towns of Greece in 2011 and took their name from the Principality of Imvrassia. Since 2016, due the enthronement of Aggelos of Imvrassia to the recently founded Argadian Throne, a cadet branch was established, considering his succession to the Throne of Imvrassia by his daugther, Aikaterini of Imvrassia.

Members of the House of Imvrassia-Argadia are considered the direct descendants of the founder of Imvrassia, Aggelos, and the descendants of them. The style used for them is "His/Her Highness, Prince/Princess X of Argadia and Imvrassia".

Line of Succession to the Throne[edit | edit source]

Argadia have equal primogeniture sucession, but that is limited to those descended from King Aggelos, through approved marriage. Dynasts lose their right to the throne if they marry without the permission of the monarch or current pretender. Individuals born to unmarried dynasts or to former dynasts that married without royal permission, and their descendants, are excluded from the throne. Further, when approving a marriage, the monarch can impose conditions that must be met in order for any resulting offspring to have succession rights.

  • Heraldic Royal Crown (Common).pngDuke Aggelos I of Argadia.
    • Princess Theologia of Argadia.
    • Prince Stamatios of Argadia.
    • Princess Aikaterini of Argadia, Queen of Imvrassia.

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House of Imvrassia-Argadia
Founding year: 2016
Preceded by
Monarchy established
Ruling House of Argadia
2016 - present
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