House of Kürzung

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House of Kürzung
Ancestral houseMachado Family
TitlesDuke in Axvalley
Duke of Kürzung
FounderHRH Rubens, Duke of Kürzung
Current headHRH Rubens, Duke of Kürzung

The House of Kürzung is a royal house of dukes of Karnia-Ruthenia. The family arose in the area of Minas Gerais in the late XIX century. Since 20 February 2013, the House of Kürzung, at that time know simply as Machado Family, established the Principality of Axvalley, ruling it as Governor Comissioner until 13 July 2017, when they assumed the surname of "Kürzung" and maintain the control over Axvalley as their dukes. After the Treaty of Kürzung, the "Kürzung-Machado Family" became a noble house within the Karno-Ruthenian Nobility.

Titles[edit | edit source]

Rubens of Kürzung, the founder. 2019.

The Head of the House is the holder of the title of Duke of Kürzung and Duke in Axvalley. The consort of the Duke hold the title of Duchess of Kürzung and in Axvalley, while his companion holds no title. The heir of the Duke hold the title of Hereditary Prince of Kürzung. His wife use the title of Hereditary Princess of Kürzung and of Axvalley and his companion before the marriage also holds no title. The older son of the Hereditary Prince and his wife holds the title of Prince or Princess of Kürzung and Axvalley and his companion until the marriage do not have a title. The other members of the immediate family are known simply as "Prince or Princess of Kürzung".

Residence[edit | edit source]

Francis Palace, 2013.

The official seat of the House of Kürzung is the Francis Palace. Built in the beggining of 20th century, from 2013 to 2017, it was the seat of the Governor Comissioner of the Crown Dependency of Axvalley, then part of Austenasia, thereafter the seat of the ruling family of Axvalley. After the signing of the Treaty of Kürzung that merged the duchy to Karnia-Ruthenia, the Palace continued as an administrative center, remaining the formal seat of the Court at Axvalley and the duke's workplace, as much as his official residence.

Armorial of the Royal House[edit | edit source]

Members of the Family have their own crests, monograms and standards to represent them or their presence somewhere over the duchy and foreign countries. The use of them are regulated by the Emperor-King's Own Office and by the Imperial and Royal Academy of Heraldry of Karnia-Ruthenia.

Coat of Arms by title[edit | edit source]

Monograms[edit | edit source]

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House of Kürzung
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