House of Karnia-Taslavia

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
House of Karnia-Taslavia
Country Taslavia
Ancestral houseGötzö-Thomaz-Rocha
FounderArchduke Helio and Archduchess Mary
Current headHI&RH Archduke Helio

The House of Karnia-Taslavia, or House of Taslavia originated from the ascension in 2020 of Archduke Ítalo to the Throne of Taslavia. They are a cadet branch of the House of Thomaz-Rocha and the House of Götzö-Thomaz-Rocha through both male and female line, since their founders and current heads, Archduke Helio and Archduchess Mary are first cousins.

Principal roles[edit | edit source]

Their principal roles, including the roles of their cadet branches were as:

Numerous other titles were attached to the crowns listed above.

History[edit | edit source]

Guilherme I and Oscar I, 17 June 2021.

The current head of the house is Archduke Helio, younger brother of King Ari of Ruthenia. Although never ruled in his own right, his older son, Archduke Ítalo was made King by his nephew, Oscar I in 2020, what effectively founded the cadet Taslavian branch of the House of Götzö-Thomaz-Rocha. With this ascension, the archduke were elevated to king in December 2020, retaining the Karno-Ruthenian titles and place in succession.

In April 2021, a family pact was signed and the members of the family created the House Law of the Karno-Ruthenian Imperial Family, which is also followed by the Karnia-Taslavia branch, that finally confirmed the titles of the members of the dynasty, their duties and their place in the line of succession to the Karno-Ruthenian as much as the Taslavian Throne. Of the thirteen children of Archduke Anton and Archduchess Judith, ten renounced their position in the line of succession, with just two of them, Archduke Pedro and her sister, Archduchess Celia, with children with archducal titles, although with no right to succession.

Burials[edit | edit source]

Thomaz-Rocha Cemetery, 2020.

The burial places of the House are two: a cemetery used by the House of Thomaz-Rocha consecrated on 19th century in what is known today as the Duchy of Cieszpreg and Zallanta and a particular cemetery in Campinas, near Duchy of Oswiencin.

The most recent entombment in the particular cemetery of the Thomaz Family took place on November 2020, with the death of Archduke Anton, while his wife, Archduchess Judith, was the first person to be buried at the family's vault near Oswiencin, followed by their eldest son, Archduke Francis and the first wife of Archduke Pedro, Archduchess Celia.

Line of Succession to the Throne[edit | edit source]

Taslavia had equal primogeniture sucession, but that is limited to those descended from Archduke Helio of Karnia and in the future, King Guilherme, through marriage approved by the Karno-Ruthenian Monarch. Dynasts lose their right to the throne if they marry without the permission of the monarch or current pretender. Individuals born to unmarried dynasts or to former dynasts that married without imperial permission, and their descendants, are excluded from the line to the throne. Further, when approving a marriage, the monarch can impose conditions that must be met in order for any resulting offspring to have succession rights.

Also included in the line of succession, although excluded members who were against decisions of the head of the dynasty or promoted any attempt on the dynastic order imposed; the latter are considered "disgraced", lose their titles and their descendants are automatically excluded from the line of succession, although it remains just as a courtesy.

The Throne must pass to the member of the Royal Family next nearest in lineage with the same line of succession should a situation arise where there are no eligible descendants of the reigning Emperor-King. The monarch is allowed to be a member of any faith of their choosing, traditionally a Roman Catholic. The monarch was never forced to belong to any religion, however to prevent any potential crisis of faith within the Royal Family, all members are allowed to profess any faith they desire or none at all.

Family Tree[edit | edit source]

  • Archduke Anton of KarniaDECEASED, married Archduchess Judith of KarniaDECEASED
    • Archduke Francis of KarniaRENOUNCED, DECEASED, married Ms. Campos.
      • Tatiana of KarniaEXCLUDED, married Mr. Falcão.
        • Maria Fernanda FalcãoEXCLUDED
        • Maria Luisa' FalcãoEXCLUDED
      • Caroline of KarniaEXCLUDED, married Mr. Sobral.
        • Enzo SobralEXCLUDED
        • Valentina SobralEXCLUDED
        • Gustavo SolbralEXCLUDED
      • Camila of KarniaEXCLUDED
    • Archduke Luitpold of KarniaRENOUNCED
      • Walburga of KarniaEXCLUDED, married Mr. Polisei.
        • Henrique PoliseiEXCLUDED
      • Olivier of KarniaEXCLUDED
      • Johann Victor of KarniaEXCLUDED
    • Archduchess ZeliaRENOUNCED, married Mr. Tavares
      • Aurelius TavaresEXCLUDED
      • Mark TavaresEXCLUDED
      • Valdemar TavaresEXCLUDED
    • Archduke GeorgeRENOUNCED, married Ms. Lopes.
      • Jacqueline of KarniaEXCLUDED
      • Gabriel of KarniaEXCLUDED
    • Archduke Pedro of KarniaRENOUNCED, married Archduchess Anna of Karnia
      • Archduke Alexander of KarniaEXCLUDED
      • Archduke Danilo of KarniaEXCLUDED
    • Archduchess Celia of KarniaRENOUNCED, married Mr. Thomaz-Rocha
      • Archduke Maurice of KarniaADOPTED
    • Archduke Anton Joseph of KarniaRENOUNCED, married Ms. Oliveira
      • Bruna of KarniaEXCLUDED
      • Andressa of KarniaEXCLUDED
      • Gustavo of KarniaEXCLUDED
    • (3) Archduke Ari of Karnia, married Archduchess Denise of Karnia
    • Archduke August of KarniaRENOUNCED, married Ms. Silva
      • Joseph of KarniaEXCLUDED
      • Jessica of KarniaEXCLUDED
      • Esther of KarniaEXCLUDED
    • (5) Archduke Otto of Karnia
    • (2) Archduke Helio of Karnia, married Archduchess Mary of Karnia
    • Archduchess OpheliaRENOUNCED, married Mr. Muñoz
      • Beatriz MuñozEXCLUDED
      • Bianca MuñozEXCLUDED
      • Rudolf MuñozEXCLUDED
      • Juan MuñozEXCLUDED
    • Archduchess Adelia of KarniaRENOUNCED, married Mr. Silva

Heraldry[edit | edit source]

Members of the Royal Family have their own crests, monograms and standards to represent them or their presence somewhere over the Empire and foreign countries. The use of them are regulated by the Karno-Ruthenian Emperor-King's Own Office.

Arms used by the Karnia-Taslavia branch.

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House of Karnia-Taslavia
Cadet branch of the House of Götzö-Thomaz-Rocha
Founding year: 2020
Preceded by
Monarchy established
Ruling House of Taslavia
2020 - present
Succeeded by

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