House of Lomellina e Berenguer

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House of Lomellina-Berenguer
Casa de Lomelina e Berenguer (pt)
Country Great Kingdom of Segacia
Northern Segacia
Southern Segacia
Principality of Lomellina
Parent houseHouse of Berenguer
Current TitlesDuke of Libertia
Count of Berenguer
Lord of Moniz
Lord of Lomellina
Infante of Lomellina
Foundedcirca 1930
FounderD. Francesco da Lomellina e Berenguer
Current headD. Guilherme da Lomellina e Berenguer
DepositionGreat Kingdom of Segacia

Northern Segacia

Southern Segacia

Principality of Lomellina

The House of Lomellina-Berenguer was the ruling house of the Principality of Lomellina, and former house of the Duchy of Libertia. The current head of the House is D. Guilherme da Lomellina e Berenguer, former Prince of Lomellina and Duke of Libertia.

All of those in the Line of Succession to the Throne of Lomellina were members of the House of Lomellina-Berenguer or are related to it through blood or marriage.

History[edit | edit source]

Foundation and the Lomellini family[edit | edit source]

Lomellina was founded arround the beginning of the 13rd century at the birth of Ansaldo Lomellini, first born son of Vassalo da Lumello wich created the Lomellini Family. He began making good aliances with some of the most renowed family houses of Genoa and became merchants, shipowners and bankers. By the time of Ansaldo's death, Lomellina had control of all the Genoa Ships and Trading centers of Liguria making Lomellini, one of the most powerfull families in all Italy.

As the family wealth grown, Lomellina founded various villas arround Pavia, and founded the Lomellina Bank at Castelo di Valle. Centuries past, and the Lomellini family disapeared after the emigration of Jorge Lomellini and his uncle Urbano Lomellini to Madeira, a portuguese island. By the end of the 18th Century, all the Lomellini property were confiscated to the Kingdom of Italy ending their power.

Re-foundation as a principality[edit | edit source]

Later in 2011, a young man began a genealogical search for his ancestors that lasted 3 years until his discovery that he had Lomellini blood and started another search for his rights. And by the end of February, 2014, he inherited the Castello di Valle and started the Principality of Lomellina that was officialy founded in 06 August 2014, following by the claiming of three islands in Antarctica and a martian colony. Self-proclaimed SAR D. Guilherme da Lomellina e Berenguer, rules along with his consort D. Tanya Correa D'Ornellas.

Titles[edit | edit source]

Extinct titles[edit | edit source]

Currently held titles[edit | edit source]

Line of Succession[edit | edit source]

  • D. Francisco, Count of Berenguer and Lord of Moniz, married with D. Maria, Countess of Priestley.
    • D. Francisco II, Count of BerenguerDECEASED, married with D. Ana of Paullini.
      • Lords of PaulinniEXCLUDED.
    • D. Maria Joseph, Dame of Cabralmarried with Jorgef II, Lord of Cabral.
      • three childreenEXCLUDED.
    • D. Raul, Lord of MonizDISGRACEDmarried with Maria Hernandz Egga.
    • D. Hellena, Dame of JardinDISGRACEDmarried with Johan Macario, Lord of Jardin
      • three childreenDISGRACED.
    • D. Angela, Dame of LomellinaABDICATED married with D. Alexandro, Count de Veloza and Lord of Nunez MacedoDECEASED
      • D. Alexandro II, Count de Veloza married with Princess Deborah of Milward Valle
        • Lords of Milward Valle.
      • D. Joseh Maria, Lord of Nunez Macedo
      • D. Angela II, Dame of Moniz e BerenguerDISGRACED married with D. Luís, Lord of Villa Côrrea
        • Lords of Villa Côrrea.
      • D. Siera, Dame of Moniz e VelozaABDICATED married with Joseh Locio, Baron Vieira
        • D. Guilherme, Duke et Prinz of Lomellina and the Libertian Lands, Count of Berenguer and Lord of Moniz married with D. Tânya, Baroness of Côrrea and Dame D'Ornellas.
        • D. Alexandro, Infante of Lomellina and Marquis of Grancasa
        • D. Gabriel, Lord of Lomellina
        • D. Luciana, Dame of Lomellina
    • D. Adrienne, Dame of LomellinaDISGRACED
      • Lady Marianne of Moniz married with Prince Telle van Bettancorte

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