House of Mortenfeudt

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
House of Mortenfeudt
CountryKarniarutheniaflag.png Karnia-Ruthenia
Ancestral houseMendes-Vieira
TitlesPrince of Mortenfeudt
FounderHH Albert, Prince of Mortenfeudt
Current headHH Albert, Prince of Mortenfeudt
Cadet branchesMortenfeudt-Wittebach-Merania

The House of Mortenfeudt was a noble family of princes of Karnia-Ruthenia. The family arose in the area around 2014 and took their name after being nobilited by the King of Ruthenia on 16 February 2015. From 12 June 2015, the House of Mortenfeudt became part of higher nobility due to the micronational marriage between King Oscar of Ruthenia and Paloma of Mortenfeudt.

Members of the House were considered the direct descendants of the first Prince, Albert, and his descendants. The style used for them was "His/Her Highness, Prince/Princess X of Mortenfeudt", while the heir used the style of "His/Her Highness, Hereditary-Prince/Princess X of Mortenfeudt".

The family lost influence with the end of the union with the Imperial Family and they no longer attended the Imperial Court. A cadet branch of the family was created on 2019 and disbanded few months later, known as the Princes of Mortenfeudt-Wittebach-Merania. By 2020, the titles related to this family were no longer recognized in Karnia-Ruthenia.

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