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Imperial Council
Ruthenian Eagle.png
HousesHerrenhaus (House of Lords)
Abgeordnetenhaus (House of Deputies)
Term limits
No term limits are imposed
Founded02 February 2016
Disbanded01 August 2017
Succeeded byImperial Diet
God Save the Emperor!
Meeting place
Parliament Building, Vídeň
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The Imperial Council of Karnia was the legislative body of the Karnian Empire, a constituent state of the Karno-Ruthenian Empire. It was a bicameral body: the upper house is the House of Lords and the lower house is the House of Deputies. To become law, bills had to be passed by both houses and then granted royal assent by the Emperor. After having been passed, laws were published.

History[edit | edit source]

Karnia was founded on 02 February 2016 at Prague, through a political act signed by Anton I of Karnia, who was elected as the first Kaiser; Calvin Gustav, the first and acting Minister-President and Louis Taünn, the first appointed President of the Reichsrat. Karnia was founded to preserve and celebrate the tradition of the Czech monarchy under the Habsburgs and this way, the Imperial Council was supposed to work in the same way as the Imperial Council of Austria. The Imperial Council was the legislature of Karnia until the new constitution of 2017, that unify the national legislatures, establishing the Imperial Diet.

List of Presidents of the Imperial Council[edit | edit source]

No. Name Portrait Office Party Sovereign
I Louis Taünn 02 February
20 May
- Kaiser Anton I
First President of the Reichsratt of Karnia, appointed by Kaiser Anton during the foundation of the Empire. He was also the second head of government of Karnia, appointed by Kaiser Anton after the resignation of Calvin Gustav. He was a supporter of the union with the Kingdom of Ruthenia.
II Anton Wenzel
20 May
01 August
Constitutional Party Emperor-King Oscar I
The third head of government of Karnia and the first after the signature of the Karno-Ruthenian Compromise of 2016. After resigned to the Throne, he was made Archduke and became head of government appointed by Emperor-King Oscar. He is the responsible for the establishment of the national symbols of Karnia and was one of the authors of the Compromise. It was the last Prime Minister of Karnia, leaving the office after the establishment of the Imperial Diet

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Preceded by:
Empire created
Legislature of Karnia-Ruthenia
2016 - 2017
Succeeded by:
Imperial Diet