Imperial Forces of Defense

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Imperial Forces of Defense

Forces of Defense coat of arms
Founded 21 January 2009
Current form 01 October 2020
Disbanded 10 December 2021
Service branches Heer
Commander-in-Chief Emperor Oscar
General Inspector Wilhelm of Hartmann-Peters, Field Marshal
Supreme Commander of DAS Jordan Brizendine
Military age 16
Conscription No

Forces of Defense flag

The Imperial Forces of Defense are the uniformed armed defense and disaster relief forces of the Occidian Empire, controlled by Chief of Staff, the General Inspector of the Imperial Forces and the Delveran High Command. The Forces of Defense include the Heer, the Marine and the Truppen. It was the model behind the reforms of the Armed Forces of Karnia-Ruthenia, that utilmately absorbed the Imperial Forces of Defense.

History[edit | edit source]

Establishment in New Europe[edit | edit source]

Imperial War Flag of New Europe.

Founded as Reichswehr (German for "Imperial Defense Force") on 21 January 2009, it comprised the unified armed forces of the Empire of New Europe. The States was not allowed to maintain armed forces of their own, since the Constitution determined that matters of defense fell into the sole responsibility of the Imperial Government. It was disbanded 04 December 2013.

Zározemě Defense Force logo.

Occidia and North American Confederation[edit | edit source]

The Zározemě Defense Force (Zározemské Obranné síly) was the military of the Zározemě Republic founded on 06 January 2014. The Zározemě Defense Force was founded as a police force, as negotiations with New Westphalia have not yet been clear on individual states retaining their own military forces. It was led by former New European army officer Johannus von Ikner until its redesignation as Armed Forces of Occidia (a previous incarnation) and dissolution on April 2014, with the restoration of the North American Confederation.

North America War Flag.

Reform and Modernization[edit | edit source]

On 27 May 2015, the new armed forces were founded, based in its previous incarnations. The biggest concern was how much control would regional states have over their own domestic forces, either in time of peace or war. The North American military was limited to one branch, the Army. There were also small independent arms of service from the various Naval and Air Forces of the States, varying in quantity and size. New Europe's naval arsenal was mostly scrapped shortly before its collapse and relinquished remaining vessels to the Illinois State Police. Eniarku's naval power was not completely accounted for but has at least one confirmed vessel. The Armed Forces never planned to expand to include a formal Air Force and Navy.

The subject was not completed solved until the foundation of the Occidian Empire, that restored the first name - Imperial Forces of Defense - and proposed for the first time since 2013 the creation of branches: the Heer (Army), Marine (Navy) and Truppe (Air Service). On 19 October 2020, Wilhelm of Hartmann-Peters, as Field Marshal, was appointed General Inspector of the Imperial Forces of Defense[1].

Merging to the Karno-Ruthenian Armed Forces[edit | edit source]

On 07 January 2022, the Armed Forces were reformed after the approval of the law presented by the Comittee for the Armed Forces during the III Legislature, and much of the Armed Forces of Karnia-Ruthenia was modernized following the Occidian and Delveran military systems, that revoked many ranks within the branches and changed its names.

Army[edit | edit source]

The Heer is the direct heir of the previous North American Army and the mythical New European Imperial Army, the Reichsheer. Created in 21 January 2009, was the land forces of the Empire of New Europe and was surrounded by controversy and myth, earning fame as one of the the most recognized micronational armies in the history of Microwiki sector. When reformed into the army of the North American Confederation, it was remodeled based in the structure of the U.S. Army, reflecting the experience of Emperor Wilhelm while in service.

Navy[edit | edit source]

The Marine, as the Heer, have origins dated to the New European period, being founded on 09 March 2009. This branch of the armed forces had some engagements until its disestablishment with the dissolution of New Europe. Dormant durant the rest of Wilhelmine Era, it was revived during the first days of the Occidian Empire.

Air Service[edit | edit source]

Founded in 01 May 2009 as the Imperial Air Service, the Luftwaffe of New Europe was the last branch of the Armed Services to be conceived and as the Navy, was disestablished after the dissolution of New Europe. Emperor Wilhelm and King Matthias of South Carolina had contemplated about the creation of an air service due to both of them having extensive knowledge in air forces and both being in AFJROTC for a long tenure. Following the fate of the Marine, it was revived with the proclamation of the Occidian Empire.

Chief of Staff and General Inspectors[edit | edit source]

The Chief of Staff was the second most senior member of the North American Armed Forces after the commander-in-chief, having primary responsibility for command, control, and administration of the forces, as well as military strategy, plans and requirements. The position was held by a senior member of one of the main branches of the North American Armed Forces. The position was eventually renamed to General Inspector during the reforms carried after the proclamation of the Occidian Empire.

The General Inspector and formerly the Chief of Staff followed in rank only the Commander-in-Chief, who appointed the head of the armed forces and was the person from whom he received his or her orders. In practice, the commander-in-chief — the North American monarch— typically acted only on the advice of his or her ministers, meaning the General Inspector normally reported directly to the Minister of Defense.

List of Chiefs of Staff and General Inspectors[edit | edit source]

Name Rank Image Year Branch Home Region Appointed by Prime Minister Notes
Jacob Benning Field Marshal 2015
Army Alabama William I Joseph Marx Served simultaneously as Minister of Defense
Friedrich Albrecht von Aurora Field Marshal 2016
Army Alaska William I Joseph Marx Renamed the post Chief of Staff.
William I Field Marshal 2020
Army Illinois Oscar I Joseph Marx and Dylan Callahan Renamed the post General Inspector and served until the merge to Karnia-Ruthenia.

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