Imperial Hussars

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Imperial and Royal Regiment of Hussars

Hussars Cockade
Motto:: Vindt Qui Patitur
March The Faithful Hussar
Established 15 February 2021
Country Karnia-Ruthenia
Cerimonial chief Emperor-King Oscar
Colonel-in-Chief Grand Duke Michael
General information
Headquarters Persenburg, Ruthenia

The Imperial and Royal Regiment of Hussars is a Karno-Ruthenian cerimonial regiment of the Karno-Ruthenian Army, created as a hussar regiment, eligible only for heads of State governing in America, with the rank of Honorary Colonel and headquartered in Persenburg[1].

Cerimonial chief[edit | edit source]

Colonel-in-chief[edit | edit source]

Honorary Appointments[edit | edit source]

  1. His Holy Imperial Majesty, Claudio, Holy Emperor of Réunion.
  2. His August Majesty, Prince Lucas of Woestein, Stadhouder of Mauritia.
  3. His Excellency, Mr. Marco Antonio Rino, President of Rino Island.
  4. Her Majesty, Anastasia, Queen of Ruritania.
  5. His Majesty, Tarik, King of Sabia and Verona.
  6. His Imperial Majesty, Leonardo, Emperor of Vila Alicia.
  7. His Majesty, Thomas, King of Quinta Velha.
  8. His Excellency, Dylan John Callahan, Consul of the Grand Republic of Delvera.
  9. His Imperial Majesty, Ivan VII, Emperor of Lifreia.
  10. His Serene Highness, Carlo, Prince of Nossia.
  11. His Majesty, Fernando, King of Roschfallen.
  12. Her Majesty, Marie-Adélina, Queen of the Navasse.
  13. His Majesty, Archie, Doge of the Damariscotta.
  14. His Majesty, Rafael, King of Luna.
  15. His Majesty, Arthur II, King of Ebenthal.
  16. His Majesty, Cameron, King of Ikonia.
  17. His Majesty, Lawrence, King of Lodomeria.
  18. His Majesty, Guilherme Ítalo, King of Taslavia.
  19. His Majesty, Boleslaw II, King of Wojcikslavia.
  20. His Majesty, Charles, King of Cheskgaryia and Carpathia.
  21. Her Majesty, Maria, Queen of Sildavia.
  22. His Majesty, Hassan III, Sultan of Harram.
  23. His Majesty, Tyler, King of New Athens.
  24. His Grace, André, Grand Prince of Xingu.[2]
  25. His Majesty, Phillip, King of Pibocip.
  26. His Excellency, James Murray II, President of the Republic of Avalonia.
  27. His Royal Highness Jakob, Prince of Dracul.
  28. Her Majesty, Sabina, Queen of Angosvria.
  29. His Excellency, Tomás von Degurechaff, President of the Republic of Lomoria.
  30. His Majesty, Carson, King of Northwood-Oregon.
  31. His Majesty, Requión, King of Boavista.
  32. His Majesty, Alexander I, King and Autocrat of the Monmarkians.
  33. His Majesty, Ari, King of Pannonia.
  34. Her Excellency, Mrs. Lúcia Kitayama Bringel, President of the Federal Republic of Forestia.
  35. His Royal Highness, Travis, Grand Duke of Westarctica.
  36. Her Excellency, Mrs. Mariana Yuka, Chief Executive Officer of the Democracy of Maristan.

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