Imperial Residence

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North American Union flag.png
North American Confederation
Imperial Residence
Capital of the North American Confederation

Coat of Arms

Map of Imperial District, 2016.

CountryNorth American Union flag.png North American Confederation
NACFlag2019.png Occidia
Settled19?? (as residence of the family)
2015 (as administrative capital)
Area ClaimedTBA
Population? (permanent)

The city of Imperial Residence is a city and was the capital of the Occidian Empire during a short period of 2020, being the capital of the former North American Confederation from 2015 to 2020. It is composed by the official residence of the House of Hartmann-Peters, former ruling dynasty of the Empire of New Europe and the North American Confederation. Landlocked by the city of w:Indianapolis, the Imperial District, how it was also called, was formally organized under the Land Claims Act of 2015, on 19 September. During the early days of Oscarine Era, the capital was transferred to Greenedge.

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