Imperial Uhlans

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Imperial and Royal Regiment of Uhlans
Uhlans Cockade
Motto:: Nobiscum Deus
March Uhlans, Uhlans!
Established 15 February 2021
Country KarnianFlag.png Karnia-Ruthenia
Cerimonial chief Emperor-King Oscar
Colonel-in-Chief Grand Duke Michael
General information
Headquarters Persenburg, Ruthenia

The Imperial and Royal Regiment of Uhlans is a Karno-Ruthenian cerimonial regiment of the Karno-Ruthenian Army, created as a uhlan regiment, eligible only for heads of State governing in Europe, with the rank of Honorary Colonel and headquartered in Persenburg[1].

Cerimonial chief[edit | edit source]

Colonel-in-chief[edit | edit source]

Honorary Appointments[edit | edit source]

  1. His Imperial Highness, Julian, Imperial Grand Duke of Lundenwic.
  2. His Imperial Majesty, Alexander IV, Emperor of Pavlov.
  3. His Excellency, Mr. Yaroslav Mar, President of Lostisland.
  4. His Majesty, Aggelos, King of Imvrassia.
  5. His Highness, Jean-Pierre IV, Prince of Aigues-Mortes.
  6. His Royal Highness, Nicholas, Grand Duke of Flandrensis.
  7. His Excellency, Erich Hauser, President of Drakonberg.
  8. His Royal Highness, Christoph II, Archduke of Mimas.
  9. His Royal Highnessy, Milomir, Prince of Ongal.
  10. His Excellency, Titianus II, Sovereign of Vilthia.
  11. His Serene Highness, Freï, Prince of Lorenzburg.
  12. Her Excellency, Fabio Nesti, President of Nesti.
  13. His Excellency, Emiel Sebastiaan Hardy, President of the Confederation of Mahuset.
  14. His Most Faithful Majesty, Emmanuel I & II, Sovereign of Rhomania.
  15. His Majesty, Henry, Lord of His Essian Commonwealth.
  16. His Serene Highness, Emanuel, Prince of Beremagne.
  17. His Excellency, Mr. Radek Vastl, President of the Gymnasium State.
  18. His Excellency, Marcus Cassius Julianus, President of the Senate of Byzantium Novum.
  19. His Royal Highness, Ludwig, Prince of Nichensburg.
  20. His Majesty, Louis Phillipe, King of the Eminians.
  21. His Majesty, Manuel, King of Centumcellæ.
  22. His Majesty, Sander, King of Revalia.
  23. His Royal Highness, Frederick, Grand Duke of Litvania.
  24. Gheorghe Ștefan Marius (revoked)[2].
  25. His Excellency, Zar Antonov, President of the United Republic of Obscurium.

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