Jutlandian War

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Jutlandian War
Date 11 April 2021
(no official declaration of war)
Location Twitter
  • Failure of the Jutlandian aggression;
  • Diplomatic and technical victory of the Empire.
Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia Autonomous Region of Jutlandia
(part of the United State of Kumandria)
Emperor-King Oscar Enrique Zaragosa Falcón


Total: 4


Total: 2

The Jutlandian War was a conflict between the Imperial Government and the Autonomous Republic of Jutlandia, part of the United State of Kumandria. The unrest began on the evening of 11 April 2021, when the Imperial Government was attacked by Enrique Zaragosa Falcón, ruler of Jutlandia and Chairman of the Parliament of Kumandria due corrections made by the Karno-Ruthenian governments on attacks made by Falcón on the Kingdom of Juclandia.

Constant personal attacks on the Emperor and the Empire, as much as a dozen of attempts to invade the imperial Twitter account, the Emperor-King led the defense of the Empire honor and virtual integrity, being joined by volunteers from the Kingdom of Sildavia, the Greater Empire of Villa Alicia and the United Provinces of Mauritia. After six hours of intense attacks, Jutlandian forces retreated in complete humiliation.

Background[edit | edit source]

Since March 2015, when the Empire did not yet exist, the Ruthenian government started to manage several accounts on social networks, both for the dissemination of quick news and to expand and promote micronation internationally, as well as exploring the story with more distant projects, participating in the rich micronational environment developed especially on Twitter. On 20 August 2020, the page conquered its thousandth follower, establishing Karnia-Ruthenia as one of the most popular micronations on Twitter, with constant publications and profound relevance. Naturally, this expression also drew unwanted people to the Empire.

Between March 2 and 3, 2021, a teenager using a platform called Amino Apps misused photos and the name of the Empire, impersonating Oscar I and the Duke of Saena. Within hours, users were admonished and no longer misused micronational material produced by the Empire. However, the situation demanded more severe attention on the online presence of the Empire, which would be tested in the following month.

During the collection of daily information on Twitter on 10 April 2021, the administration found a comment by a Puerto rican user named Enrique Zaragosa Falcón, alleged ruler of a pseudo-micronation called "Autonomous Region of Jutlandia", which named the Kingdom of Juclandia , a Romanian micronation founded in 2001, as fraudsters for "copying" their names. The imperial profile intervened, correcting the information that it would not be possible for a micronation of almost 20 years to copy a project founded in the previous year and that it was a mere coincidence, as well as the tone was unnecessary. What followed was the aggression that inaugurated the cyber-conflict after the signing of the Treaty of Fruchemburgo on defense behavior in micronationalism.

Course of events[edit | edit source]

Two responses came from the correction made by the Twitter account management. The first was a profanity offense. The second was the inclusion of the Empire on a "black list" with the promise of a boycott, which was naturally protested by the Imperial Government[1], that still considered the attitude unprofessional and exaggerated.

Immediately after that statement, while the Emperor was making a call to his cousin, the King of Taslavia about mutual cooperation[2], he was informed of the aggressions, which now showed another level of aggression. The attacker issued a message ordering the previous imperial message to be withdrawn and then threatened, saying that even if it was blocked, he would "follow the trail of the Empire" on Twitter, with the clear aim of intimidating[3]. The message was made public by the imperial administration, to reinforce its criticisms and warn the international community that such an attitude would not be tolerated - and that the threats would not have any effect.

Immediately thereafter, the profile of the pseudo-micronation blocked the page of the Empire[4], which could have meant the end of the quarrel, but that maintaining the escalation of aggression of the individual, now implied eleven attempts of illegal access to the Twitter account of Karnia-Ruthenia and not only that, the attacker also falsified conversations where the imperial administration "wanted COVID-19 to kill blacks and Latinos and hated them"[5]. At that point, the imperial administration and the Emperor-King activated the Empire's online defenses and sent reports to the allied micronations.

The farce would soon be indicated not only by the imperial government, but by other users[6], who would revolt at the lie and the seriousness of the aggressor's behavior, which clearly showed signs of cruelty and psychopathy. Still fearing the hijacking of the account, but already warning the possible culprit[7], another profile, in the name of Carlos Rosado Colomer, a fake account of the same aggressor, propagated the lies, but the Empire attacked and exposed transphobic comments of the mentioned account[8], and from then on, only the profile of the original aggressor would remain in the aggressions.

Already suffering from reactions of support for the Empire and multiple complaints to Twitter for its violations of usage policies, the tone of aggression decreased to offenses to honor and accusations that the Empire had some association with a micronation called the Imperial State of Smyrna[9][10], from who the government would only know about the existence the next day, through consultation with the Government of the Republic of Rino Island.

With the multiple expressions of support and solidarity with the Empire, and with the denunciations to Twitter excluding the criminal comments of the aggressor, the informal conflict would end in a communiqué to the members of the Conference of Santiago at 18:00 p.m. as a sad moment in the history of the Empire, despite the diplomatic and moral victory.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The first note of support would come from the Normano-Nichish Kingdom[11][12], followed by the Dominion of Vancouver Island[13][14] on 11 April and in the next day by the Kingdom of Helida[15][16], the Kingdom of Eminia[17][18], the Kingdom of Centumcellae[19][20][21], Republic of Taladia[22][23], Republic of Waikiki[24][25], the Premier Andrew Franson of the People's Republic of Adonia[26] and on 13 April the State of Vishwamitra[27][28], the King Gregory of Dramoria[29] and the Great Kingdom of Sexistan [30][31].

Many other reports arrived, especially from the leaders of the Conference of Santiago, who followed the situation closely. Consultations with allied governments and intelligence services pointed to the nine known accounts of the aggressor, which came to be monitored by the Empire's intelligence service, which would be reformed in the days that followed. The United State of Kumandria, refusing to break ties with Jutlandia or to punish the President of its assembly, has been removed from the list of micronations to be contacted by the Empire for an approach and has been severely demoralized.

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