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Mixed economy enterprise
Founded12 September 2017
FounderOscar I
HeadquartersPersenburg, Ruthenia, Karnia-Ruthenia
Number of locations
Karnia, Ruthenia
ProductsFixed line and mobile telephony, Internet services.
OwnerKarno-Ruthenian State (51%).

The Imperial and Royal Karno-Ruthenian Telecommunications Company, also called KCOM, is a telecommunications company headquartered in Persenburg, Karnia-Ruthenia. It is first mentioned in the Imperial Law Project n. 007-2017 to be the national company responsible for the fixed-line, broadband Internet, multimedia services, data, and IT solution. Its administration should be established in a timely manner and its market shares will be traded on a micronational stock exchange at an opportune time, respecting the State as majority shareholder.

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