Karno-Mauritaanse Visits of 2024

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Oscar I and Lucas VIII, 16 March 2024.

Emperor Oscar I of Karnia-Ruthenia received Lucas VIII, Prince of Woestein and Stadhouder of Mauritia during a state visit on 16[1] and 23[2] March 2024. It was the first visit of 2024 to be hosted by the Karno-Ruthenian monarch and the first time both sovereigns met since 23 January 2019.

Background[edit | edit source]

Dignataries from the Empire and Mauritia met several times through history. The first time happened during the II Micronational Summit of São Paulo[3], that took place in São Paulo, Brazil, in 04 February 2018, although their first conference, virtually held, happened in 18 October 2017.

After this, meetings were held in Persenburg from 14 to 19 January 2019 during the Conference of Persenburg, again four days later, that time in person, during a state dinner with the Stadhouder of Mauritia and in 12 March that year, but now receiveing the Duke of Albuquerque. From 2019 until 2024, several on-line meetings took place regularly, and also with exchange of gifts and correspondence.

Events[edit | edit source]

16 March[edit | edit source]

The Stadhouder of Mauritia was received at Hofbau Palace by Oscar I, who granted him the Order of the Three Golden Fleeces as its 29th Knight, and was also appointed to be the order's Grand Chaplain. Then, the monarchs went to classic restaurant Bologna Rotisserie, in São Paulo. After the luncheon, the royals walked through the Historic Center of São Paulo, where they visited the Mauritaanse-born Grand Duke Giancarlo of Petrobourg, and attended a exhibition[4] at Mário de Andrade Library, where they also took official photos. Then, the first day of the official visit was concluded at the belvedere between Avanhadava Street and Augusta Street, where they privately talked.

23 March[edit | edit source]

The two sovereigns met at Santa Cecília Metro Station at nine o'clock and took a short walk through the center of São Paulo to the Hochbachpalais, seat of the House of Hochbach-Kundarheim and the place where an official dinner would be held in honor of the Stadhouder for his visit to Persenburg. Dinner passed happily and lasted until almost midnight. The ties between the two States were strengthened and there was a lot of talk about United Provinces of Mauritia, about its friendship with the Empire and other subjects, including the academic, religious and social interests of the guests. Before that, however, there was an exchange of gifts. The Stadhouder presented his hosts with a bottle of Count of Armamar wine, while the Emperor gave the Stadhouder the Woesteiner Pen, an old family heirloom that had been given to him years before and which he now returned to the House of Woestein.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

The greatest legacy of the visit of the Stadhouder of Mauritia to Persenburg went far beyond strengthening personal ties of friendship with the Emperor-King of Karnia-Ruthenia, or even new ties with the Karno-Ruthenian nobility. The expansion of interests would open space for new joint projects, in addition to inaugurating the Empire's public agenda in receiving visitors and organizing micronational meetings in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2024.

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