Kings in the Empire

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Kings in the Empire
King Joseph

since 01 October 2020
StyleHis Majesties
AppointerOscar I
Term lengthNo term limits are imposed on the office
Inaugural holderKing Dylan and King Joseph
Formation01 October 2020
SalaryPro bono
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The Headship of Government of Occidia if held by the King in the Empire, Formally, from October 2020 to December 2021, two Kings in the Empire existed, two co-equal Crowns who served concurrently as Heads of Government, despite variations in rank and title, was always politically equal to the other and possess the right of veto upon the other. An hereditary office created by the last constitution[1], that revoked the designations of Senior King and Junior King within the North American Confederation[2]. From December 2021, King Joseph reigned as the sole King in the Empire.

Competences[edit | edit source]

The Kings in the Empire shall possess the Imperium bestowed by the Emperor, the power to create and enforce laws, as a mandate. When both monarchs are holding Imperium, all laws and actions must be supported and passed unanimously, with imperial assent. A King in the Empire shall be allowed to request a review of their counterpart monarch before the Council of Junkers, to answer for their actions taken during the period of sole rule.

Among other prerogatives, Kings in the Empire are allowed to issue decrees approved by the Government, confer civil and military positions, and distinctions in conformity with the law, appoint and dismiss members of the Government, exercise the right of clemency in accordance with provincial law, which may not authorize general pardons, appoint Justices to the courts of the Empire, with the approval of the Council of Junkers, lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defence and general welfare of Occidia, and until the merge of Occidia to Karnia-Ruthenia, to regulate commerce with other provinces and territories of the Grand Republic of Delvera and raise and support the Imperial Forces of Defense, and many others.

List of Heads of Government[edit | edit source]

No. Names Portraits Arms Reign Era
Reign duration
Houses Title
I King Dylan
King Joseph
01 October
30 December
Oscarine Era
3 years, 9 months, 24 days
House of Callahan
House of Marx
Kings in the Empire
First Kings in the Confederation of Occidia. Reigned together until Callahan's resignation on 30 December 2021, after the merging of Occidia and Delvera to Karnia-Ruthenia.
II King Joseph
30 December
present Oscarine Era
3 years, 9 months, 24 days
House of Marx King in the Empire
Continuation of his tenure.

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