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State Colours of the Karno-Ruthenian states, displayed on their flags.

List of states and their flag colors[edit | edit source]

Flag Colors State
Civil flag of Ruthenia.png orange-black-white
Kingdom of Ruthenia
Karniareichflagnew.svg.png red-white-green
Empire of Karnia
Newlibertia.png black-white-red
Duchy of Libertia
Civil flag of Acrin.png green-white-yellow
Kingdom of Acrin
GausslandFlag.png white-black-orange
Grand Duchy of Gaussland
Civil flag of Horvatia.png blue-white-blue
Kingdom of Horvatia
LetzemburgFlagCivil.png black-red
Grand Duchy of Letzembourg
ArgadiaCivilFlag.png red-white-blue
Duchy of Argadia
Flag-Grand-Duchy-Nordinsel.png green-white-green
Grand Duchy of Nordinsel
Flag of TsechiaNEW.png white-red-blue
Kingdom of Tsechia
CarpathiaNewFlag2.png blue-yellow-red
Kingdom of Carpathia
AxvalleyNewFlag.png red-blue-white-yellow-red-black
Duchy of Axvalley
Flag-Duchy-of-Daugavia.png black-yellow-green
Duchy of Daugavia
Flag-Kingdom-of-Cardonia.png blue-red-white
Kingdom of Cardonia
Karno-Ruthenian-Protectorate-of-Socotra-Flag.png yellow
Protectorate of Socotra