Leaders of Illinois

The Head of State of Illinois, is the highest position of authority in the micronation of Illinois. This role has changed many times since the micronations founding in 2007. Originally established as an elective monarchy producing two monarchs in a two year period.

King of Illinois
William I
StyleHis Majesty
Heir apparentWilliam, Prince of Ohio
First monarchWilliam I
Formation1 March 2014

The elective royal system was abolished in early 2009 in favor of a fascist form of government modeled off the Italian Social Republic. Following the New European Civil War the government reformed into a republic, that lasted until 2014 when the government voted to form a personal union with the Kingdom of Occidia.

When Occidia defunct in November 2014, Illinois simply went inactive until the North American Confederation reformed in 2015 assumed the government. Since this event, Illinois has remained a monarchy, and unlike its previous incarnation, the current Illinois Monarchy is a hereditary monarchy ruled by the House of Hartmann-Peters.

Elected King Edit

Elected-King of Illinois
Former Monarchy
Last Monarch:
James I

Style Majesty
First monarch William I
Last monarch James I
Appointer Elective
Monarchy started 1 January 2007
Monarchy ended 3 February 2009

Upon the formation of the U.R.N.A in 2007, a system of royal election of monarchs was establish to represent one of the three member states of the triumvirate. Monarchs were elected to a two-term with virtually unlimited executive power. Only one election ever occurred resulted in King James transforming the state into a fascist state and abolishing the monarchy.

Image Name Date of birth Date of death Reign Relationship with predecessor
Wilhelm 30 September 1991 Living 1 January 2007 – 1 January 2009
James 20 May 1993 Living 1 January 2009 – 3 February 2009 Elected successor

State Leaders Edit

State Leader of the Illinois Republic
Staatsführer der Republik Illinois (de)
Przywódcy Państwa Rzeczypospolitej Illinois (pl)
State Seal of Illinois
Inaugural holderJohannus von Ikner
Formation17 February 2009
Final holderJohannus von Ikner
Abolished1 March 2014

The Staatsführer was the Illinois head of state under the Fascist regime, which was officially in force from 2009 to 2010. The title was altered to its English translation of State Leader in the months following the New European Civil War due its connection to Fascism in the government. It was a directly elected position, votes being cast by popular suffrage of residents of the state. There were no term limits on the office.

1   Johannus von Ikner 17 February 2009 10 June 2009 Fascist Party
2   Vaughn Bullock 11 June 2009 1 December 2009 Fascist Party
3   Dimitriy Stremoukhov 2 December 2009 August, 2010 Nationalist Party
4   Jorge Contreras 19 December 2010 6 March 2013 Centrist Party
5   Johannus von Ikner 7 March 2013 1 March 2014 Freedom Party

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