Legion of Merit of Delvera

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Legion of Merit

Medal and Ribbon
Awarded by Delveran High Command
Country Grand Republic of Delvera
Type military decoration
Eligibility Nomination and vote by Delveran High Command
Status Currently awarded
Established 13 October 2016
Total awarded 2
Next (higher) Legion of Honor of Delvera
Next (lower) Red Badge of Courage

The Legion of Merit is a military decoration presented by the Grand Republic of Delvera recognizing "meritorious significant contribution to a military campaign of the Grand Republic." The Legion is the second highest award that is presented by the Delveran government, surpassed only by the Legion of Honor.

The Legion was created by Delveran High Command on 13 October 2016.

Admission[edit | edit source]

A soldier may be nominated for the Legion by a DAS unit leader, who then submits the nomination to High Command for review. If a simple majority of High Command votes in favor of conferral, the Supreme Commander presents the award to the new recipient.

Current Legion Recipients[edit | edit source]

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