Lifreian Monarchy

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Kanfre of Lifréia
Царь Лифзара
Standart Kanfre.png
Ivan VII - cropped.jpg
HIM The Kanfre
Ivan, Kanfre of Lifréia
since 15 May 2015
StyleHis Imperial Majesty
Heir apparentKanfrerine Karol
First monarchIvan VII
Formation15 May 2015
ResidenceAutumn Palace (ceremonial)
Yakteerin Palace (residential)

The Monarchy of Lifréia (whose monarch is referred to as the Kanfre of Lifréia (Russian: Царь Лифзара) refers to the (de jure) semi-constitutional monarchy and monarch of the Empire of Lifréia. The Kanfre of Lifréia is head of state and head of the ruling Imperial House of Lamburg.
Although the current Lamburg dynasty was created on 2015, on the foundation of the Empire, the existence of the institution of monarchy in Lifréia is traditionally considered to have its roots from the founding of the Russian Empire by Peter I Romanov in 1721.
The monarchy's official ceremonial residence is the Autumn Palace in Lamburgrad, while the private residence has been at the Imperial Palace of Yakteerin, Yargopol Oblast.
The Kanfre of Lifréia's titles includes head of State, head of the Imperial Lifreian Armed Forces, among others.

List of Kanfres of Lifréia[edit | edit source]

No. Name Portrait Arms Reign Reign duration House Title
I Monograma Imperial Ivan VII.png
Ivan VII
Иван VII
Ivan VII - cropped.jpg
08 May
present 8 years 27 days Lamburg Kanfre and Autocrat of All Lifréias
First Kanfre of Lifréia, and first Duke of Lamburg. Was acclaimed Kanfre in 2015. Fought in the Nossian-Lifreian Civil War. Called The Eagle of the Baltic.

Succession[edit | edit source]

The succession to the crown of Lifréia is ruled by the Charter and Household Law of the House of Lamburg, follows the Salic Law and is as follows:

  • Heraldic Royal Crown (Common).png HG The Duke Raul (Deceased)
    • Heraldic Royal Crown (Common).png HG The Old Duke
      • HH Princess Klara
        • HH Princess Danijela
          • (3) HH Prince Davyd
      • HH Princess Karmen (Deceased)
        • (2) HH Prince Rafail
      • Heraldic Royal Crown (Common).png HIM The Empress-Mother, married to HIM the Grand Duke-Consort

Properties of the Crown[edit | edit source]

One of the proprieties of the Lifreian crown is the Palace of Yakteerin, in Yargopol Oblast, an old hunting lodge.[1]

Imperial Palace of Yakteerin, Yargopol Oblast, 2018.

References[edit | edit source]

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Imperial Household of Lifréia
Coat of Arms of the Empire of Lifréia
  • HIM The Kanfre
  • HIH The Kanfrerine
  • HIM The Empress-Mother
    HIM the Grand Duke-Consort
  • HHSHH The Princess and Count of Gora
  • HSH The Prince Dubovy
  • HSH The Princess Gorny
    HH The Baron of Akula
    • HSH The Prince Svyatymi

  • HIH The Old Duke
    HIH The Old Duchess