List of conflicts involving Karnia-Ruthenia

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Yesyes.png Karno-Ruthenian Victory (and allies)
Nono.png Karno-Ruthenian Defeat (and allies)

The list that follows shows the conflicts/wars involving the Karno-Ruthenian Empire.

2015[edit | edit source]

Date Conflict V / D Location Results
8 December 2015
Overthrow of the Badakistani monarchy
Fayzabad, Bandeirabadakhshan.png Badakistan
21-22 October 2015
2015 Ruthenian coup d'état attempt
Persenburg, Civil flag of Ruthenia.png Ruthenia
  • Failure of coup
  • Victory of the Legitimist forces over usurpers
  • End of the claims of Nailimiskam Okbob
13 September 2015 - 10 November 2016
Lundener Civil War
LundenwicFlag.png Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic
  • Collapse of the People's Liberated Territories of Lundenwic
  • Bedfunta return to Lundenwic
19 November - 15 December 2015
Autumn Revolution
Pressenberg, Civil flag of Acrin.png Acrin

2017[edit | edit source]

Date Conflict V / D Location Results
16-19 January 2017
2017 Karno-Ruthenian coup d'état attempt
Robsberg, LetzemburgFlagCivil.png Letzembourg
  • Failure of coup
  • Victory of the Government over Republicans
08-24 October 2017
Juznoslavia War
Socialist Republic of Juznoslavia

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