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The order of precedence by diplomatic precedence is the sequential hierarchy of nominal importance to be applied to individuals, groups, or organizations within diplomatic circles in events of Imperial and Royal Court and other very formal and state occasions, especially where w:diplomats and foreign heads of state are present. It can also be used in the context of decorations, medals and awards.

A person's position in an order of precedence is not necessarily an indication of functional importance, but rather an indication of ceremonial or historical relevance; for instance, it may dictate where dignitaries are seated at formal dinners. The term is occasionally used to mean the order of succession — to determine who replaces the head of state in the event they are removed from office or incapacitated — as they are often identical, at least near the top.

Background and tradition[edit | edit source]

The system used in Karnia-Ruthenia is divided between their order of precedence for nationals in events of the Imperial and Royal Court that follow a particular order of precedence especially for national royalty, nobility, officers of state, senior members of the clergy, holders of the various orders of chivalry and other key-persons within the Empire.

However, considering foreigners, the system settled is the one reached at the Congress of Vienna, an outcome that was arguably enabled by the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire. A "Regulation concerning the precedence of Diplomatic Agents", inspired by Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, was signed on 19 March 1815 and remained in use until 1961 for macronational purposes, when it was superseded by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. The latter still allows the host state to establish its own rules of precedence.[1] But it was never reached a complete consensus.[2] Nowadays,a common practice is to establish precedence in meetings of heads of state by length of tenure, like the order of precedence established by the United Nations. Karnia-Ruthenia still uses the method developed at the Congress of Vienna.

List[edit | edit source]

The current list is the general order of precedence for different micronations for state purposes, following the standards of the "Regulation concerning the precedence of Diplomatic Agents".

Title Name State Assumed office
Emperor-King [lower-alpha 1] Oscar I Karniarutheniaflag.png Karnia-Ruthenia
NACFlag2019.png Occidia
19 November 2014
Stadhouder Lucas VIII[lower-alpha 2] Mauricia.png Mauritia
Bandeirabadakhshan.png Badakistan
24 July 2013
Emperor [lower-alpha 3] Leonardo I Flag of Vila Alicia.jpg Villa Alicia 29 September 2014
Tsar Ivan VII Flag Lifreia 2018.png Lifreia 08 May 2015
Emperor Olivier I Angyalistan.jpg Angyalistan 31 January 1999
Emperor Nicholas II [lower-alpha 4] AbeldaneFlag.jpg Abelden 29 May 2020
Emperor Claudio I ReunionFlag.jpg Reunión 28 August 1997
Tsar Ivan VII PavlovFlag.png Pavlov 17 February 2022
Emperor Patrick I ParaviaFlag.png Paravia 29 November 2014
Emperor William I Lehmark-flag.png Lehmark 19 April 2019
King Guilherme I Ítalo[lower-alpha 5] TaslaviaFlag3.png Taslavia 16 December 2020
King Thomas I QuintaVelhaFlag.png Quinta Velha 29 December 2019
King Arthur II [lower-alpha 6] Flag of Ebenthal.png Ebenthal 29 December 2019
King Raphael Flag-Luna.png Luna 20 August 2015
King Caio I[lower-alpha 7] Columbia 07 November 2021
Queen Anastasia Image484.png Ruritania 17 May 2010
King Aggelos I [lower-alpha 8] ImvrassiaFlag.png Imvrassia 25 December 2020
King Eran FloreniaFlag.jpg Florenia 22 April 2011
King Tarik SabiaVeronaFlag.png Sabia and Verona 23 August 2015
Queen Marie-Adélina I State Flag of Legialle.png Navasse 13 September 2017
King Gerónimo II Flag of Kingdom of Atlia.png Atlia 25 July 2017
Queen [lower-alpha 9] Maria I Sildavia 17 February 2020
Sultan Hassan IV[lower-alpha 10] Harranflag.png Harram 23 June 2021
King and Prince-Primate Bruno I Flag Estados-Hanseaticos-de-Achsen.png Achsen 17 November 2020
King Jonathan I New Southern Rhine 17 January 2021
King Abrams I Flag of Ikonia.png Ikonia 19 October 2018
King Sander II Revalian flag.png Revalia 27 April 2021
King Edward IX [lower-alpha 11] Flag of Kingdom of Queensland.png Queensland 12 February 2021
King Tyler Flag of New Athens.png New Athens 30 September 2019
King Philip Joseph Pillin PibocipFlag.png Pibocip 15 October 2005
King Carson I Flag of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon.png Northwood-Oregon 29 September 2020
Queen Sarah I Flag of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon.png Northwood-Oregon 10 November 2020
King Requión I BoavistaFlag.jpg Boavista 31 May 2022
Archduke Christoph II MimasFlag.jpg Mimas 30 April 2015
Grand Duke Nicholas I Vlag.jpg Flandrensis 04 September 2008
Imperial Grand Duke Julian I LundenwicFlag.png Lundenwic 29 December 2013
Grand Duke [lower-alpha 12] Frederick Augustus Flag of the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth.png Cheskgariya-Litvania 29 November 2020
Grand Duchess Gabriela Mëcklewmburg-Wladir 19 April 2021
Sovereign Prince Jean-Pierra IV AiguesMortesFlag.png Aigues Mortes 21 June 2011
Sovereign Prince Vincent I Hélianthis 01 June 2013
Prince Carlo I Bandeira de Nossia - 2018.png Nossia 05 January 2016
Sovereign Prince Freï LorenzburgFlag.jpeg Lorenzburg 01 December 2014
Sovereign Prince Emanuel BeremagneFlag.png Beremagne 11 February 2018
Sovereign Princess Cloe Sancratosia 01 December 2021
President Joël Simon Larepubliquedujura.jpg Jura 22 February 2015
Minister-President Dominic Desaintes Flag of St. Castin.jpg Saint-Castin 16 September 2014
President Emiel Sebastiaan Hardy Mahuset 03 January 2016
President Adrian Wojtasz USMLLflag.png Upper Shwartz Morgen Lorgen Land 01 October 2020
President Rey Jr. Mancio RenderfeitFlag.png Renderfeit 04 June 2022
President Ethan Sohnland Sohnland flag.png Sohnland 26 July 2015
President Stephen Luke Draculflag2022p.png Dracul 08 January 2022
Prime Minister [lower-alpha 13] Gustavo Essedin Gamee Angosvria-flag.png Angosvria 05 October 2020
President Adam Pivetz[lower-alpha 14] Gymnasium flag.png Gymnasium State 07 March 2022
President Arsal Abbas Mirza Flag of Arsalania.png Arsalania 11 May 2019

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References[edit | edit source]

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  1. He assumed the Ruthenian Crown in 19 November 2014, Grand Duke of Gaussland in 30 June 2015, King of Acrin in 15 December 2015, Emperor of Karnia in 10 March 2016, King of Cardonia in 01 January 2020 and succeded William I as North American Emperor in 07 August 2020, a title that would be reformed to Occidian Emperor and King of Eniarku in 01 October 2020. Some of these titles were exercised concurrently by Oscar I, but by December 2021, all were already gathered under the Karno-Ruthenian Emperor, a title that has existed since 16 March 2016.
  2. Also Emperor of Badakistan since 08 December 2015.
  3. The title of the head of state was President until 31 May 2016.
  4. Nicholas II was the Emperor of the Abeldane Empire between 24 March and 16 June 2018.
  5. Guilherme I is also an Archduke of Karnia and Prince of Ruthenia.
  6. Arthur II was the King of Roschfallen between 28 January 2014 and 29 December 2019. He is also the Emperor of Sovietia since 08 July 2020.
  7. Ceased to be King when Columbia also ceased to exist.
  8. Aggelos I had served as the King and Prince of Imvrassia between 11 May 2011 and 5 November 2016.
  9. The monarch was titled Princess until 2 February 2021.
  10. Hassan IV is also the Emir of Takia.
  11. Edward IX had served as the King of Queensland between 3 January 2016 and 7 October 2017 under the regnal name of "George I", between 10 December 2017 and 29 April 2020 under the regnal name of "George III", and between 16 July 2020 and 20 October 2020 under the regnal name of "Albert V".
  12. The Grand Duke of Litvania is the head of state and reigning monarch of Litvania and one of the two monarchs of the Union alongside the King of Cheskgariya.
  13. The title of the head of state of Angosvria is Prime Minister.
  14. Adam Pivetz had served as the President of the Gymnasium State between 8 January 2018 and 5 March 2018 an between 4 November 2019 and 6 January 2020.