Lomellinian Aristocracy

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Lomellinian Aristocracy
Aristocrazia Lomellina
Legislative Council

Official Coat of Arms

Establishment 3 September 2014

  • High Nobility
  • Low Nobility

Number of Seats 12

Leadership High Chancellor Richard Abreo-Louis

The Lomellinian Aristocracy or simply called Aristocracy between lomellinian people, is a bicameral legislative system or council of leading citizens of the High Nobility and Low Nobility lomellinian families wich have the power to enact and alter the laws in the Principality of Lomellina.

Structure[edit | edit source]

The Lomellinian Aristocracy is a bicameral legislative system divided into 2 branches of the Upper and Lower Houses. The leadership is appointed to the Lomellinian High Chancellor wich is elected by a voting between the aristocrats every 3 months, then the winner is awared with the Golden Griffin Medalion by the prince of Lomellina and later officialized as the High Chancellor.

Usually the members of the Aristocracy are well-known personalities and noble citizens of the most powerfull lomellinian families, the more powerfull the family is, the greater is the seat in the aristocracy. There is 2 branches in the council, being the High Nobility the most important members in the council and Low Nobility the least important.

  • High Nobility - Consisted by 4 members including the High Chancellor of Lomellina.
  • Low Nobility - Consisted by 4 members of the least powerfull lomellinian families.

Rights and Duties[edit | edit source]

Rights[edit | edit source]

  • The aristocrats may roam freely in Castello di Valle with the exeption of the prince's bedroom.
  • The aristocrats may award citizens with medals or badges from the Leonardian Order.
  • The aristocrats may enact and alter the laws of Lomellina with the prince's consent or the high chancellor's consent.
  • The aristocrats may recieve domain titles from the prince or infantes.

Duties[edit | edit source]

  • The aristocrats must obey the prince's orders.
  • The aristocrats must control and archive the laws and national burocracy.
  • The aristocrats must take elections every 3 months.
  • The aristocrats must respect all the aristocracy members.

Aristocrats[edit | edit source]

High Nobility[edit | edit source]

  • High Chancellor Richard Abreo-Louis
  • Lord Diego di Govea
  • Lord Nestore Fernandez
  • Dame Louise Câmarah
  • Dame Diene da Souza Mircoli

Low Nobility[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Michael Angelo da Texera
  • Sir Brune Philip Rodriguez
  • Sir Lorenzo di Nuna
  • Sir Petro Gomes
  • Lady Íris Pacheco di Abreo

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