Lomellinian Armed Forces

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Lomellinian Armed Forces
Forze Armate Lomellina (it)

Military Standard of Lomellina

Country Principality of Lomellina
Founded12 September 2014
Current form16 September 2014
Service branches Esercito (Army)
Marina (Navy)
Difesa Reale (Royal Defense)
HeadquartersCastello di Valle (de jure)

D. Guilherme da Lomellina e Berenguer
General MarshalMarzio Fossati

Available for military service35 (males)
age 18-35
2 (females)
age 18-35
Active personel21 (2014)
Reserve personel5 (2014)

The Lomellinian Armed Forces (Forze Armate) or LAFm are the military of the Principality of Lomellina. They consist of three professional uniformed branches: the Lomellinian Army (Esercito), the Lomellinian Navy (Marina) and the Lomellinian Royal Defense (Difesa Reale). The Prince of Lomellina is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces while their administration and the defense policy execution is done by the General Marchal of the Lomellinian Government

The Lomellinian Armed Forces are charged with protecting the Principality and its overseas territories as well as supporting international peacekeeping efforts when mandated by the Castello di Valle Treaty, European Community of Micronations and/or Organization of Micronations. Recent operations include anti-piracy action in the Archipelago of Glaciem and the conflict Shikaeshi War in Shurigawa. Military units are maintained throughout the European Lomellina, both on the capital Castello di Valle and the Lomellina Consolato.

Structure[edit | edit source]

The structure of the Armed Forces of Lomellina includes the Armed Forces themselves and also the bodies of State responsible for the National Defense.

The State bodies responsible for the Armed Forces are:

The Armed Forces themselves include:

Current strength[edit | edit source]

Currently the Lomellinian military forces number is 21 with the majority of the manpower allocated to the Army although its Chief of Staff, General Marshal Marzio Fossati, has already stated that more men are needed.

Service branches[edit | edit source]

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