Louis Phillipe, King of the Eminians

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Louis Phillipe
King of the Eminians, Duke of Orlhéon
King of the Eminians
Reign13 December 2020  – present
PredecessorKing Victor Manuel
Heir presumptiveCrown Prince Guilherme
Ambassador to Holy Empire of Reunion
Reign04 March 2022  – present
Born18 February 1991 (1991-02-18) (age 33)
Figueira da Foz, Portugal
Full name
Louis Phillipe Théoton Mario d'Almeyda-Martins
HouseHouse of Almeyda-Martins
FatherVictor Manuel, King of the Eminians
MotherRosa, Queen Dowager of Eminia
ReligionRoman Catholic

Louis Phillipe I (Figueira da Foz, Portugal, 18 February 1991) is the founder, and second and current King of Eminia. Born in Figueira da Foz, Portugal, he is the older child of Victor Manuel, King of the Eminians, appointed posthumously as the first King of Eminia and Duke of Bregenza, to his wife Rosa, Duchess of Bregenza, made Queen Dowager of Eminia. He is the older brother of his heir, Prince Guilherme, Duke of Vizée and of Princess Maria, Duchess of Chartreaux.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Louis Phillipe Théoton Mario was born in 18 February 1991, in Figueira da Foz, Portugal, as the older child to Victor Emanuel and Rosa d'Almeyda-Martins. He have two younger siblings, Guilherme and Maria. In 2020, he emigrated to France, whe he studies and manage his own business.

Micronationalism[edit | edit source]

Portrait as King of Eminia, by Lucas Othosnen, 2022.

Louis Phillipe is active in micronationalism since 2011, having developed his compreheension of the activity and his political skills in the Holy Empire of Réunion. Later in 2012, he would move to R.U.P.A., a micronation that simulated the continuation of the Kingdom of Portugal to the present days. There, he would lead the last monarchical government also in 2012, become the first President of Republic in 2013, and eventually leaded the government again in 2014 and from 2016 to 2018 as Mário Luís Filipe de Olhão e Redinha.

Portrait as King of Eminia, by Lucas Othosnen, 2022.

In 2015, he left R.U.P.A. to found the Principality of Saint Vicent, assuming the title of Prince. Despite the general acclaim of the project, it was extinct in the same year. With many of his former citizens, he returned to his previous project, being easily reintegrated to the society and politics. In 2020, he assumed the Crown, but despite his good intentions and hard-work, R.U.P.A. was in complete decadence. Until that year, he tried to carry several reforms to increase activity, but without results due external interference and internal lack of interest, eventually leading to his abdication on late December.

After that, with Karno-Ruthenian support, he founded the Kingsom of Eminia, a project that merge his native Portuguese banckground with French inspiration, coming from the country where he currently lives. The project would be later merged to the Empire on 13 December 2021, with the signature of the Treaty of Thieux-en-Saint Théoton. The reason behind the annexation was his personal belief that join a greater micronation would be benefical and give him a wider range of actions within micronationalism while away from the lack of activity and creativity in the Lusophone sector.

While still a regional ruler in Eminia, he became a closer advisor of Oscar I and represented him in several occasions with French micronationalists. He also became the ambassador to his former micronation, the Holy Empire of Réunion, in 04 March 2022.

Titles, styles and honours[edit | edit source]

Styles of
Louis Phillipe of the Eminians
Reference styleHis Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleSire

Titles and styles[edit | edit source]

  • 18 February 1991 – 12 December 2020: His Royal Highness, the Duke of Orlheón
  • 13 December 2020 – present: His Majesty, the King of the Eminians, Duke of Orlheón

Full title[edit | edit source]

His Majesty, by the grace of God, King of the Eminians, Duke of Orlheón, Duke of Bragenz and Grand Master and Sovereign of the Sash of the Grand Cross of the Three Orders.

Honours[edit | edit source]

National Honors[edit | edit source]

As King of Eminia, Louis Phillipe is Grand Master of the following orders:

Foreign Honors[edit | edit source]

Louis Phillipe has also been decorated with a number of other honours:

Military Command[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

Louis Phillipe, King of the Eminians
Born: 18 February 1991
Royal titles
Preceded by
Victor Manuel
King of the Eminians
King of Eminia
13 December 2020 – present
Succeeded by
Heir: Prince Guilherme