Lucas d'Albuquerque e Oranje

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Lucas Marco d'Aviano
Duke of Albuquerque, Margrave of Oranje
"Duke of Albuquerque", by Lucas Othonsen. 2022.
Born Recife, Brazil
Spouse Milena van der Ley
Ana Cecília d'Albuquerque e Oranje
Augusto d'Albuquerque e Oranje
Heitor d'Albuquerque e Oranje.
Full name
Lucas Marco d'Aviano Tomé van der Ley
Religion Anglican

Lucas Marco d'Aviano Tomé van der Ley, is a Mauritaanse General Field Master of the United Provinces of Mauritia, a nobleman and politician. He is also the President of the Mauritaanse Historical and Geographical Institute, Regent of the Principality of Noronha and a member of the Mauritaanse Legislature for several periods as a leading figure. Popular in Mauritia and abroad, was the first person dubbed as a "national hero" in Karnia-Ruthenia due his services for the Empire during the Malaise and also was the first foreigner to visit the imperial capital, Persenburg.

Family[edit | edit source]

Lucas d'Albuquerque married to Milena van der Ley in 2003. They had three children:

  • Jonkvrouw Ana Cecília d'Albuquerque e Oranje;
  • Jonkheer Augusto d'Albuquerque e Oranje;
  • Jonkheer Heitor d'Albuquerque e Oranje.

Honors[edit | edit source]