Micronational Republican Forum

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Micronational Republican Forum
I Fórum Republicano Micronacional
Host countryBandeira das Terras Marianas.jpg Terra Mariana
Date26 - 30 June 2017.
Venue(s)Facebook group
symbolic capital of Terra Mariana
Terra Mariana
Emirate of Takia
Empire of Iberia
Kingdom of Snaland
United Provinces of Mauricia
ChairDirlei Dias
President of Terra Mariana
WebsiteOfficial discussion group

The I Micronational Republican Forum was held in frequent, scheduled sessions from 26 to 30 June 2017. The Forum was held via Internet, in a Facebook discussion group to overcome obstacles of time and distance. The Forum aimed to demystify the republican movement in micronationalism, and was a roundtable for the debate on whether to apply such a model in micronationalism.

Idealized and sponsored by the youngest republican nation of Portuguese-speaking micronationalism, one fact that caught attention is that Terra Mariana was the only Republic of the forum; the other participants were monarchies of various types.

The Forum - Overview[edit | edit source]

26 June[edit | edit source]

Beginning of activities. The first debate was about personal recognition in republics. It was discussed whether the absence of titles of nobility is a factor that keep away micronationalists from the republics, as well as alternatives to remedy the issue. The Emirate of Takia, Kingdom of Snaland, Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia and the United Provinces of Mauricia participated in the discussion.

27 June[edit | edit source]

The second day of activiy focused on a discussion if it was whether the usual exchange of leaders would be beneficial to the Republics. The consensus was that it is beneficial if there is a figure that will protect the nation in emergencies. The United Provinces of Mauricia, Emirate of Takia, Kingdom of Snaland, Empire of Iberia and the Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia participated in the discussion.

The third discussion focused on the macronational influence in the micronational world between the representatives of Terra Mariana, the Emirate of Takia and the Karnia-Ruthenian Empire. There was also the presentation of a young micronational project, the United States of Platina; The host city of the Forum was made symbolic capital of Terra Mariana during the event, which marked the foundation of micronation led by President Dirlei Dias. The discussion of the day was about what would be needed for a micronational project to be successful. The Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia, Emirate of Takia, and the Empire of Iberia participated in the discussion.

The day was also marked by the start of negotiations for the recognition of the Kingdom of Snaland and the Republic of Terra Mariana by Karnia-Ruthenia (that would be recognized two days later) and the unexpected dissolution of the Emirate of Takia.

28 June[edit | edit source]

Proposals were presented for a national flag of Terra Mariana, which are elected by the citizens.

The discussion of the day was about the best Republican model for a micronation. Examples mentioned were presidentialism, parliamentarism and the parliamentary strand practiced in Switzerland and San Marino, semi-presidentialism, senatorialism and military government. The opinion of the majority of the participants was divided between a presidential republic and a parliamentary republic in the Swiss mold, with a composition of the Board of Directors. The Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia and the Empire of Iberia participated in the discussion, but the other participants voted in a poll.

Also the national group of Terra Mariana on Facebook was presented.

29 June[edit | edit source]

On this day, the discussion raised by the host was about the need for micronation to simulate a real country indeed, especially in the economic field. Inconclusive, this debate was summed up to the representatives of Terra Mariana and the Karno-Ruthenian Empire.

The next question, brought by representatives of the United Provinces of Mauricia, was the need to keep discussions of the Forum for posterity. By means of an agreement between them and the representatives of Karnia-Ruthenia, Leven Magazine would replicate a translation of the article exposed by the Libertian Archives, the national archive of Karnia-Ruthenia, which at the time of the forum already had a page on the progress of the event.

The Government of Terra Mariana presented to all attendees their desire, on the last day of the Forum, to present the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the constitutional text that would enter into force the following day, as well as the intention to call new elections for President of Terra Mariana.

As a final debate, the question was how to encourage internal activity, reduce evasion and attract new citizens.

30 June[edit | edit source]

On the last day of the Forum, President Dirlei Dias of Terra Mariana gave a speech to end the event and make a proposal. He acknowledged that the Forum was productive but lacked the participation of more republics, even though they discussed issues relevant to all and proposed the creation of the Front for Mutual Cooperation for the Development of Micronationalism (FRECOM), an intermicronational organization that will outline objectives and plans to make micronationalism more attractive and even financially profitable.

Participants[edit | edit source]

  • Karniarutheniaflag.png Karnia-Ruthenia,
    represented by His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Oscar I, Emperor-King of Karnia-Ruthenia.
  • Bandeira das Terras Marianas.jpg Terra Mariana,
    represented by His Excellency, Dirlei Dias, President of Terra Mariana.
  • EmirateOfTakiaFlag.png Emirate of Takia,
    represented by His Highness, Filipe Al Fradiq, Emir of Takia.
  • Bandeira de Iberia.png Empire of Iberia,
    represented by His Imperial Majesty, Igor, Emperor of Iberia.
  • Bandeira de Snaland.png Kingdom of Snaland,
    represented by His Royal Majesty, King Raphael of Snaland.
  • Mauricia.png United Provinces of Mauricia,
    represented by His Excellency, Viscount Lucas Friedrich Wilhelm von Frag, Secretary-General of the States General of the United Provinces of Mauricia and His Excellency, Marquis Lucas Marco d'Aviano Tomé d'Albuquerque e Orange, Chancellor of the United Provinces of Mauricia.

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