Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NAC)

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Ministry of Foriegn Affairs
Department overview
Formed 2010
Jurisdiction  North American Confederation
Headquarters Indianapolis, Imperial District
Annual budget N/A
Minister responsible None

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the North American Confederation is the government department responsible for the international relations of the North American Confederation. The Ministry was created in 2010 and was the first government department to be established.

The Ministry is headquartered in the North American capital of Indianapolis. The Ministry operates the diplomatic missions of the Confederation abroad, supervising the nation's ambassadors, and is responsible for implementing the foreign policy of the Confederation and NAC diplomacy efforts.

The Ministry is led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is appointed by the Prime Minister and is a member of the Cabinet. The position of Minister is currently vacant until the Prime Minister approves of a new candidate. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is the fifth Cabinet official in the order of precedence.

History[edit | edit source]

When the North American Confederation was being founded, it was agreed that the three heads of state of New Europe, the Ohio Empire, and Eniarku would each hold critical positions in the Confederation's new government. While the Emperor Wilhelm I of New Europe became the Emperor of North America and Aaron Meek became the NAC's first Prime Minister, it was decided that Joseph Marx of the Ohio Empire, with his high reputation within the community as a diplomat and peacekeeper, would become the first Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Marx ran the position to the best of his ability and oversaw several major diplomatic crises in the micronational community, principal being the Dakoda George affair and the Lethler Experiment which fundamentally altered the landscape of the micronational community. With the abdication of Emperor William and the collapse of the Meek government came Marx's resignation and retirement from the community.

With Marx's return to micronationalism and his appointment to the office of Prime Minister, the position of Foriegn Minister remains vacant.

Minister of Foreign Affairs[edit | edit source]

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the North American Confederation

since 28 April 2011
StyleMr. Secretary
Inaugural holderJoseph Marx
Formation28 November 2010

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the North America Confederation is an official within His Majesty's Government and head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The office is a Cabinet level position.

Name Picture Term of Office Political party Prime Minister
1 Joseph Marx 1 January 2011 17 April 2011 Liberty Aaron Meek
- Vacant 28 April 2011 30 May 2015 N/A Vacant
30 May 2015 Incumbent Joseph Marx

Ambassadors of the Confederation[edit | edit source]

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also responsible for the management of the ambassadors and embassies of the North American Confederation.

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