Ministry of Justice (NAC)

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North American Ministry of Justice
Department overview
Formed 2015
Jurisdiction  North American Confederation
Headquarters Indianapolis, Imperial District
Annual budget N/A
Minister responsible None

The Ministry of Justice of the North American Confederation is the government department responsible for the enforcement of the law and administration of justice in the North American Confederation.

Headquartered in the North American capital of Indianapolis, the Ministry is led by the Minister of Justice, who is appointed by the Prime Minister and is a member of the Cabinet. The position of Minister is currently vacant and the third Cabinet official in the order of precedence.

History[edit | edit source]

When the Confederation was founded in November 2010, the Meek government did not initially establish a government department to manage the North American legal policy, due to the general lack of written legal code in the early Confederation.

With the establishment of the Marx government following the Interregnum, a focus on written laws that were publicly available allowed for the possible creation of a Justice department with which to enforce those laws and organize the judicial process. As of late 2015, the position has yet to be filled.

Minister of Justice[edit | edit source]

Minister of Justice of the North American Confederation

since 30 May 2015
StyleMr. Secretary
Inaugural holderNone
Formation30 May 2015

The Minister of Justice of the North America Confederation is an official within His Majesty's Government and head of the Ministry of Justice. The office is a Cabinet level position. the Minister of Justice acts as the primary legal adviser for His Majesty's government and works closely with the Confederation's courts.

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