Monteiro Palace

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Monteiro Palace in Triunphus.

The Monteiro Palace (Portuguese: Palácio de Monteiro) is the official seat of the Roschfallenian Princely Family, and the official residence and workplace of the Prince of Roschfallen in the capital city of Triunphus. Built in the beggining of 20th century, the palace property has 192 square metre, while the palace proper has 110 square metres and contains 4 rooms.

The Monteiro Palace in Triunphus is the official imperial residence of the Prince of Roschfallen, the Princess of Triunphus and her consort since 2016. The palace is owned by the Roschfallenian State and administered by the Princess of Triunphus all by herself, as it is estated by the Constitution. The palace is located on the Most Serene Capital District, on the central region of the country, and is accessible from the Quintino train station.

The interior of the palace is notable for its wealth of art and the use of many types of fine materials in the construction and the decoration of its rooms. Other collections of great historical and artistic importance preserved in the building include the Royal Armoury of Roschfallen, porcelain, watches, furniture, silverware, etc.

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