Nationalist Party of Lifréia

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Nationalist Party of Lifréia
Partido Nacionalista de Lifréia
General SecretaryVacant
Founded6 July 2015
Dissolved02 March 2018
Merged intoUnited Lifréia
HeadquartersLamburgrad, Empire of Lifréia
NewspaperThe Inquisitor
Youth wingKanfrerist Youth
Lifreian nationalism
Political positionCenter (early, self-proclamed)
Later, Syncretic
Party flag
NPL flag 2017.png

The Nationalist Party of Lifréia, (Portuguese: Partido Nacionalista de Lifréia), was a self-proclamed centrist political party that existed in the Empire of Lifréia. It was the only political party on the Empire until its dissolution. It was abolished on of 2 March 2018[1].

History[edit | edit source]

Founded on July 6, 2015, with the Kanfre Ivan VII as its leader.

Ideology and place on the political spectrum[edit | edit source]

The party defined itself as "centrist" and "syncretic". Its goals were as follows:

  • Fight bolshevik influence in the Lifreian political life.
  • Lower the required age for conscription on the NAL (National Army of Lifréia) to 16.
  • Build closer ties with the Principality of Nossia, its former province).
  • Issue a "military first" policy. Improve the NAL as a whole.
  • Turn the NAL into a organization within the Lifreian government.
  • Offer military education in schools across Lifréia.
  • Fight Lifréia's enemy with might and honor. Pay blood with blood. Defend the nation.

Members[edit | edit source]

The party did not have a General-Secretary. For reasons of time and preparations, the Congress could not be held on the 29th of february. Thus, it was rescheduled to the 20th of april of 2016. In the final months of 2016, the Kanfre communicated that the Congress was not sheduled to occur on any specific date.

Ivan VII - Founder
Vacant - General-Secretary
Vacant - Treasurer

Symbols[edit | edit source]

See also[edit | edit source]

Nossian Nationalist Party - Sister party of the NPL in the Principality of Nossia.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Imperial Decree No. 3