New Euro-Erusian War

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New Euro-Erusian War
Date: 7 July 2009 - 28 July 2009
Place: Cyber Space
Outcome: Treaty of Universal Non-Aggression signed by New Europe and Erusia. New European reformations completed.
Empire of New Europe

Democratic People's Republic of Erusia
New Scientopia
Cheslovian Federation

Kaiser Wilhelm
Imperial Chancellor Johannus von Ikner
War Minister Vaughn Bullock
Kenneth Maisano
Comrade General Richard Tobias
Comrade General Karolina Wilson
Jacob Tierney
Suzerain Josh Lee
President Urosh Dushanov
Prime Minister Boris Groznayev
New Europe: 70 troops.



The New Euro-Erusian War was the name of an armed conflict that began on July 7 2009 following an attempt to ease between the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia and the Empire of New Europe earlier that day.

On 8 July 2009, the Grand Lamate of Sandefreistikhan declared war on the Empire of New Europe, for "fascist and totalitarian acts, and the approval of the acts of genocide against the people of the world". It was followed the day after by the war declaration of New Scientopia, Kaznia and Cheslovia.

Following the will of New Europe to get into peace talks with the opposide side and the withdrawal of Sandefreistikhan from the pro-Erusian belligerents, a universal treaty of non-agression was signed on July 28, 2009, officially ending the conflict.

Causes[edit | edit source]

The war was brewing for some time starting on 5/1/2009, when Matthew, King of South Carolina engaged in a skirmish with a North Carolinian communist group who was believed to have sought micronational status in North Carolina. After that Matthew was brought before the Grand Unified Micronational to explain himself.

During the meeting Matthew made comments compairing Communism and Imperialism. This caused such an outrage that the Erusian representative to the G.U.M. left the meeting. The next day the alliance Erusia inherited to New Europe from the old Union of Socialist Micronational Republics was terminated.

As time went on smaller events that occured such as the opposing opinions on various G.U.M. issues and the voting against socialist nations for admitance to the G.U.M. Most recently, the events of the Eurogate controversy, mainly based on articles based on the declarations of St.Charlian Opposition leader, Fabiana Gallo della Loggia, had become a thorn in the side of the New European government. And as a last minute attempt to restore civil peace the New European and Erusian governments met in the New European Parliament room.

Unfortunately neither side was willing to comprimise on their beliefs and values and an argument between Imperial Chancellor James Colaianni and Erusian representative Robert Lethler. This argument resulted in the immediate withdrawl of New European deligates and a threat of war. An hour later the Emperor branded the Erusian nation and its people, "Race Traitors" and declared war twenty minutes later. The following day the National People's Assembly of Erusia, Erusia's supreme legislature, convened an emergency plenary session and motioned a bill to officially declare war in kind against the Empire of New Europe. At 16:33 UTC on July 8, 2009, the Democratic People's Republic officially declared war on the Empire.

Sequence of Events[edit | edit source]

Beginning[edit | edit source]

July 7, 2009: New Europe makes a formal declaration of war against Erusia and demands that the Triune Alliance be honored and its signitaries declare war as well on Erusia. The request went negatively, as half of the signaraties engaged in the war against New Europe or withdrew after Parlamentary decision.

July 8, 2009: The Supreme People's Commissioner of Erusia, Kenneth Maisano, delivered a special address to the people of the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia as it's legislature makes preperations for war:

  1. [...] The Democratic People's Republic shall not yield to the Empire of New Europe. They have made themselves an enemy of the People, an enemy of the State and an enemy of the Revolution with their actions. We shall bring our full revolutionary might against the Imperial war machine and show no mercy to those who would defy the People's iron will. [...] I call on the allies of the Democratic People's Republic and upon our Socialist Comrades around the world: unite with us under the crimson banner and together we shall triumph.

On the same day, Sandefreistikhan declared war against New Europe on the basis against Nazism. Sandefreistikhan had a fly over of Illinois and of all of New Europe. They declared not to recognize the proposed boundaries, should they be accepted. Sandefreistikhan declared Kaiser Wilhelm "a madman, not unlike Hitler, who is so involved in the extermination and eradication of Jews and non-Whites".

Late on July 8, 2009, the Erusian National Communist Party announced that it had succeeded in capturing a "New European intelligence operative" who had managed to "infilitrate the Central People's Government". According to the statement issued by the Party's Central Discipline Commission, the individual had achieved "Level 6 security clearance". The Democratic People's Republic has called this a "great victory over the forces of Imperialism", and has yet to make any statement concerning the spy's reported mission.

Early on July 9, 2009, a Scientopian returned to the wikia, and found this article. The Tsar and Suzerain, along with the unamed official, conferred and agreed that this required instant entry, and so made a declaration of war.

Speech by King Guillaume on the conflict[edit | edit source]

On 15 July 2009, at 01:05, King Guillaume of Sandefreistikhan made a statement to the people of the world and to the leaders of the neutral nations:

  1. Внимание! Attention! Attention! Preparum!

Товарищи! Messieurs-Dames! Ladies and Gentlemen! Gentus Femmus et!

People, not only of Sandefreistikhan, but of the world:

Sandefreistikhan is locked in a war. This war is a holy war; not against one religion, but against a faith which kills, exterminates, and eradicates. Sandefreistikhan and her allies are locked into a duel with the Empire of New Europe. Repeatedly, Kaiser Wilhelm of New Europe has denied that New Europe is founded and based on the edicts of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. Not only do we know from looking at the cover of the novel of such lies that these are such, but we know from the articles of the government of New Europe themselves!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the micro national and macro national communities, we are locked in a battle our forefathers never finished. This was to eradicate, and prevent history from happening again, the ideals of Fascism. Fascism has killed more people than Stalin, even though no Fascist wishes to believe. In a matter of 3 years and 10 months, the fascist Wehrmacht, under control from Adolf Hitler, killed and murdered 22 million people alone in the Great Patriotic War or, to the west, the Eastern Front. This was just one front alone. What of the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, Danzig, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and - worst of all - Germany? And what justification do Fascists have for these murderous acts? They were impure, subhuman, conspiring against the German people, or no justification at all.

Leaders of my fellow Micronations, some have said inactivity is good activity when coming to wars. This is no such war- this is a holy war, our World War II. Should we not defeat these Fascists, they will defeat all of us and even perhaps rape, murder, and abuse our peoples. Not only do we know of the past, but - it is frighteningly - we do not know of the future. By dealing with inactivity with such war, you are gambling the lives of not only your people, but of the people of the world.

Lies. Lies are of what are made in New Europe. Nothing more, Nothing less. They deny they were built on a foundation of such beliefs of which have killed six million in concentration camps. How could they deny such? Should they deny that there is a picture of James Colaianni giving the same salute Benito Mussolini gave? Should they deny that the leading party in their nation is the New European Fascist Party? Should they deny that Kaiser Wilhelm founded New Europe for starting a Nazi movement? Should they deny that their war ensign is closely related to the ensign of the Kriegsmarine during the Third Reich? Should they deny that they have used the phrase “race traitor” - a phrase which, not only makes them look uneducated, but incites anger in people?

So, Ladies and Gentlemen - People of the World, I beg you, I urge you, to join this battle - this holy battle - against such an enemy which can not deny that they are based on the ideals of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, or that they incite racism and fascism in the world. People, it is them or you. And so I ask you: Should we wait to act?

Sandefreistikhan Propaganda[edit | edit source]

On 17 July 2009, His Majesty declared that Sandefreistikhan will commence the making of propaganda against the government and people of New Europe. The state the importance of this "as signifying what Fascists are good for - death and extermination." During the whole conflict, an extensive project was carried out to use all available images and photos against the government of New Europe.

Sandfreikstan later Withdrawal[edit | edit source]

Nevertheless, after the smear campaign, on July the 19th, 2009, Sandefreistikhan withdrew from the New Euro-Erusian conflict, as peace was coming. HM Guillaume later signed into effect the HM Order 190609a. This order made it harder for the "Defense Forces" of Sandefreistikhan to enter into a conflict. King Guillaume later commented, saying, "why stay (sic) in a conflict, when your only allies do not agree with your aims?"

Intermicronational response[edit | edit source]

* Flandrensis: Flandrensis' declarations were followed by an argument with Erusian Officials. The matter was later set by the deletion of the posts written by Niels I. Flandrensis remains neutral in the conflict.

  • Francisville: Disgusted by the declaration by New Europe and the term "Race Traitors". Remains out of conflict.

  • Sandefreistikhan: Declared war on New Europe on the 8th of July 2008 on the basis against Nazism. King Guillaume later issued this speech:

  1. Many have known how critical I am of Fascist and National Socialist ideals. But when one nation so conceived under such ideals which promotes the eradication and extermination of entire peoples, I shall not stand for that. Right now, we are at war. We are in a holy war against the terror of such beliefs! It is through our beliefs that we must protect not only the people our country, but the peoples of this Earth. To date, there have been innumerable amounts of genocides and crimes on the basis of ethnics and religion. Should we wait until New Europe engages in such actions? New Europe was founded on the ideals of Adolf Hitler and Bennito Mussolini, and we all know of their crimes, are we going to wait until they exterminate lively, innocent people?

Sandefreistikhan, with a note signed by its leader, withdrew from the conflict eleven days later its entrance in the war as a full belligerent.

  • Crown Principality of Landashir: Was very critical with both sides. On the 8th of July, on the war's MicroWiki talk page, HRI James II stated that it is "so bloody typical of you two sides. Erusia's always in a war [1] and some other people always have to intervene.". It later concluded by saying ironically to the belligerents to "have fun, insult yourselves until your mouths drop off. I won't care, and I'm sure many others will feel the same. I cannot understand why everyone must be in war with everyone, all the time. It's silly, and it isn't war. [...] Just be nice to each other for once, and we'll be happy.". For internal reasons, it later published a statement in which it said that the conflict was discussed in Landashir's general meeting at the time and therefore, comments on MicroWiki are authorized by the Landashir'n Royal Government.


  • New Scientopia: Disgusted by Wilhelm branding Erusia "race traitors", and by their conniving attempts to use the Triune Alliance as a weapon. Joined war July 9. It is uncertain if the nation withdrew from the Alliance.

  • Cheslovian Federation: The President of the Cheslovian Federal government conversed via a number of emails, until it was decided to declare war on New Europe. Urosh Dushanov stated on his last email, "...i have deemed New Europe a threat to the real Europe and i believe all European nations should unite to wipe the "New Euope" imposter of the map. They have declared an unjust war against an actual European nation. As a result, the Cheslovian Federation, patriot and defender of European and the European union, will aid our fellow European brethren". The President of Cheslovia hopes to meet with leaders of other Baltian nations soon.

  • St.Charlie: The decarations of war were published on the St.Charlian Observer, which even wrote two special editions on the 8th of July. Prime Minister Alexander Reinhardt demanded an emergency meeting of the St.Charlian Parliament for discussing the conflict and the measures to take. On that meeting, with a motion proposed by the St.Charlian Socialist Movement, the nation withdrew from the Triune Alliance. At the moment, St.Charlie is staying on a neutral side, but Reinhardt commented on the New European declaration of war by stating he was "deeply shocked and outraged by the declarations [of New Europe]".

  • Intermicronational Socialist Alliance: SCSM leader Fabiana Gallo della Loggia, while talking at the phone with Alexander Reinhardt stated "I think that a lot of Socialist leaders agree with me if I say that New Europe frankly crossed the line this time. The Democratic People's Republic of Erusia is a victim of the tyranny of that police state".

  • Patetopia: In a statement released on July 18, 2009, President Pate said, "We are not surprised these nations were so quick to jump to war. At this time, Patetopia will have no part in it and wishes to maintain a state of neutrality".

See also[edit | edit source]

  1. The Democratic People's Republic has, in actuality, only been involved in two micronational conflicts - including this one - to date.