New European Assembly Elections 2010

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New European Assembly Elections 2010
← 2009 January 20, 2010 2011 →

All 15 seats in the Imperial Diet
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Alan Soltau David Bass Matthew Gillis
Party New European Nationalist Party New European Libertarian Party New European National Socialist Party
Leader since 1 December 2009 19 August 2009 12 August 2009
Last election 8 seats 1 seat 5 seats
Seats won 7 Decrease 6Increase 2Decrease

Chancellor before election

Ryan Evans
New European Libertarian Party

Resulting Chancellor

Alan Soltau
New European Nationalist Party

The New European Assembly Elections of 2010 was an election held on January 20, 2010 which succeeded a political campaign, that started on the 3rd of January, 2010. The election was to restructure the Imperial Assembly after the removal of the Fascist Party and allowed the community to cast a popularity vote.

Ryan Evans, the Chancellor of the time, did not candidate himself for the second term of Chancellor despite how brief his term was. The result of the election favored the New European Nationalist Party, and thus its leader Alan Soltau, received the appointment to become the current Imperial Chancellor.

International votes[edit | edit source]

New Europe opened a special voting system for the community to share their opinions on who they felt should be the majority. The turn out was very much in favor of the Libertarian Party. A total of 16 micronations from the community voted.:

  • Nationalist:25% (4 votes)

  • Libertarian:68.75% (11 votes)

  • National Socialist:6.25% (1 votes)

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