New European Conservative Party

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New European Conservative Party
Neueuropäische Konservative Partei
1st ChairpersonMatthew Breen
2nd ChairpersonCatherine Willoughby
FoundedFebruary 25, 2009
Merged intoNew European Nationalist Party
Youth wingEuropäische Jugend
Membership (2009)3
IdeologyMonarchism, Conservatism, Autocracy, Jingoism, Anti-Communism, Anti-Liberalism.
ColorsRed, White, Blue.

The New European Conservative Party (N.E.C.P.) is a political party, it was founded by King Matthew of South Carolina. The party was New Europe's second party in its history. The party is pro-monarchy, but beliefs a monarchy should serve the people, rather than the state.

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