New European Fascist Party

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New European Fascist Party
Neueuropäische Faschistische Partei
ChairmanJohannus von Ikner
FoundedFebruary 6, 2009
DissolvedDecember 1, 2009
Preceded byNone; Party founded
Succeeded byNone; Banned
HeadquartersLincoln Park High School, Chicago
Youth wingEuropäische Jugend
Membership (2009)8
IdeologyFascism, Nationalism, Pan-Nationalism, Anti-communism, Fascism Anti-Socialism, Anti-Liberalism, Anti-Conservatism, Anti-Nazism, Corporatism, Militarism
International affiliationNational Revival of Poland, Tricolour Flame
Election symbol

The New European Fascist Party was the most dominant political party in New Europe. It was founded by Johannus von Ikner, at the time, Staat Fuhrer of Illinois. He was the only party leader, and later the Imperial Chancellor. The Fascist Party also had a majority number of seats in the New European legislature until December 2009.

Election of 2009[edit | edit source]

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The Fascist Party achieved a landslide victory for seats in the Imperial Diet. The Party had developed more as a group because of it. With Fascist Party members coming into power in the States, the Chairman and another party member, Ryan Lahiff, created a list of new policies the party will make for New Europe to take after they won the election.

Party Policies[edit | edit source]

The top priority on this list was reforming the New European economy. Creating a corporatist economic system. Instating a various set of Youth Programs, for future children that would be part of New Europe. The official creation of New European National Holidays. And the repairing of diplomatic ties between New Europe and nations that have been at war with her. Only the economy and the youth programs were instituted under the fascist regime. But after the fall of the New European Social Republic all of these systems and programs were abolished.

Coup and Fall[edit | edit source]

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In late November 2009 party members had become furious with the Kaiser for his persistent efforts to restore relations with Erusia and tollerate other communist micronations. Ryan Lahiff began plotting to overthrough the government and institute a Fascist Regime. After gaining support in the party he approached the party chairman and chancellor, saying "it is the only way to save the community from the reds." The chancellor agreed and lead a strike on the capital the next day.

After a failed attempt to convince the crowd leave the Kaiser dismissed the chancellor and ordered him arrested. The chancellor then ordered his men in the army to attack and capture the Kaiser. This was successful and von Ikner declared the monarchy abolished and created the New European Social Republic. But this caused a civil war and international support fell over night. Finally thewar ended with the party chairman being captured and the monarchy restored. During the Trial on Fascism the party was tried as a criminal organization and found guilty.

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