North American Centrist Party

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
North American Centrist Party
ChairmanJoseph Marx
Founded17 March 2016
Preceded byNorth American Liberty Party
HeadquartersWright, Greene
Membership (2016)4
IdeologyCentrism, Internationalism
Political positionCentre
ColorsPomp and Power, Gold
Seats in the Senate
4 / 6
Election symbol

The North American Centrist Party, commonly referred to as NACEP, is one of the major contemporary political parties in the North American Confederation.

Founded by ex-Libertines and micronational moderates, the Centrists currently represent the largest portion of the political majority of the Confederation population.

The party is named after centrism, a political outlook or specific position that involves acceptance or support of a balance of a degree of social equality and a degree of social hierarchy; while opposing political changes which would result in a significant shift of society either strongly to the left or the right. Centrism forms the central ideology of the party, though micronational internationalism also plays a major role in their political platform.

Chairs of the NACEP[edit | edit source]

# Chairman Term Start Term End State Notes
1 Joseph Marx 17 March 2016 present Commonwealth of Greene Prime Minister of the North American Confederation, former Chair of the North American Liberty Party.

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