North American Liberty Party

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
North American Liberty Party
ChairmanJoseph Marx
FoundedNovember 28, 2010
Dissolved28 April 2011
Membership (2010)1 (as of November 28, 2010)
IdeologyLibertarianism, Non-Interventionism, Open Economics
Political positionLibertarian
ColorsGold and Old Glory Red

The North American Liberty Party (NALP), was a political party in the North American Confederation. It was formed on 28 November 2010, when the Ohio Empire unified with Empire of New Europe and Eniarku to form the North American Confederation. It was one of the three original political parties in the North American Confederation, along with the North American Conservative Party and the Commu-Socialist Party of North America.

History[edit | edit source]

The NALP was founded to represent a third option for North American citizens who desired neither the centralization policies of the CSPNA or the nationalism of the NACP. The party was only a minority party in the beginning, holding only a single seat in the 1st North American Congress. The party collapsed along with the other three parties during the events which preceded the Interregnum.

Ideology[edit | edit source]

The party supported policies of minimalism and political libertarianism. It worked to support a small central government and larger state governments and for an overall respect for self-determination amongst the North American citizenry.

Economic Policies[edit | edit source]

The NALP supported a laissez-faire approach to micronational business allowing citizens free-range to establish new businesses.

Chairperson of the NALP[edit | edit source]

Name Term start Term end Remarks
Joseph Marx 28 November 2010 28 April 2011 Former Emperor of Ohio. Abdicated to become North American Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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