Office of the Grand Master of the Court

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Office of the Grand Master of the Court
Coat of Arms of the Department
Department overview
Formed 12 November 2016
Jurisdiction Karnia-Ruthenia
Headquarters Persenburg
Employees 2
Minister responsible Marcos, Duke of Altai
Júlio, Duke of Hunsfeld, Obersthofmeister

The Office of the Grand Master of the Court, also know as the Obersthofmeisteramt, is the body responsible for the management the imperial estates and supervise the activities of entertainment of the Imperial and Royal Court. The Office of the Grand Master of the Court is under the personal cognizance of His Majesty, the Emperor, and therefore, rendered account of all its affairs to His Majesty and is independent of the Ministry of the Imperial and Royal Household. The position was created by Oscar I on 12 November 2016 to relieve the Minister of the Imperial and Royal Household of part of his workload.

The Grand Masters of the Court - there are always two grand masters - duties and responsibilities encompass the daily activities, such as state visits, organising events, preservation of traditional culture, administrative functions, etc.; the health, security and travel arrangements of the Imperial Family and many other activities. In short, its function was to organize all public ceremonies of the Crown. The Grand Masters of the Court oversaw state ceremonies and court etiquette. They play a role in ceremonies commemorating births, baptisms, marriages, and funerals for members of the imperial family, imperial feasts, receptions, coronations, meetings of the Imperial Diet and important assemblies.

The duties of The Grand Masters of the Court were principally :

  • overseeing logistics of ceremonies (materials, workers, plans, menus);
  • carrying messages and convocations from the Emperor to the Imperial Diet, the other sovereign courts or notable individuals;
  • accompanying the Emperor-King and the Empress, or foreign sovereigns, on their travels, so as to manage the ceremonies during the trip;
  • making official records of the ceremonies to serve as jurisprudence and to aid future ceremonies;
  • counselling the members of the court of their role in the ceremonies, and overseeing that the ceremonies unfold properly.

The Department's headquarters is located within the grounds of the Hofbau Palace.

List of Grand Masters of the Court[edit | edit source]

  • Marcos, Duke of Altai and Júlio, Duke of Hunsfeld - (2016 - present).

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